1.5HP Molded Mini Gorilla Portable Collector 220V


Portable cyclone dust collector unit molded from lightweight, industrial static conductive resin. Includes drum with viewing port, mobile stand, True-HEPA Media filter, easy-clean hookup port, and more!

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Portable, powerful and perfectly designed

The NEW Molded Mini-Gorilla™ is one of Oneida Air’s best designed systems to date! Designed specifically for small shops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, our new Mini-Gorilla combines the quality and performance of an industrial system with the features and convenience of personal home units.

Built to last a lifetime using industrial-grade materials, the mini-gorilla’s new molded resin construction is 30% lighter than previous steel models and more air-efficient than ever thanks to it’s new streamlined design. This portable system comes packed with new innovative features that have already earned it recognition as one of the best portable units on the market!

We highly recommend this product for tools with 4″-6″ ports, including:

  • Radial Arm Saws
  • Table Saws
  • Chop/Miter Saws
  • Band Saws
  • Jointers
  • Shapers
  • Planers
  • Mini-Lathes
  • Lathes
  • Routers
  • Disc Sanders
  • Drum Sanders
  • Belt Sanders
  • and much more!

Be sure to checkout our line of dust hoods to maximize your dust collection performance!

Included Features

  1. 1.5HP / 2200V Industrial Fan Blower Motor (110V available) – More »
  2. Continuously High Airflow – 583 Actual CFM @ 2″ S.P. – More »
  3. High-Efficiency Cyclone Separator w/ 5″ Neutral-Vane Inlet – More »
  4. G.E. Certified True-HEPA Media Cartridge Filter (MERV 16±) – More »
  5. Compact, Steel Mobility Stand w/ Locking, Non-Marking Casters – More »
  6. 22 Gallon Waste Container w/ Viewing Window– More »
  7. Plastic Liner Bag Gripping System (2 Free Bags Included) – More »
  8. 1 Year System Warranty Included – More »

1.5HP / 220V Industrial Fan Blower Motor ↑↑

Motor Type 1.5 HP TEFC Motor w/ Grease Fittings
Service Factor 1.15
Insulation Class F
Voltage 110V (220V model also available)
Amperage 8A
Recommended Breaker Size 20A
Phase Single
Frequency 60Hz
Cord Length 20 ft
Remote Control Sold Separately

Continuously High Airflow – 583 Actual CFM @ 2″ S.P. ↑↑

XXPM010100H System Performance Curve

This dust collector is designed to collect from one source at a time with tools such as saws, planers, jointers, sanders, lathes, etc. It provides a high amount of continuous airflow performance thanks to its industrial motor, optimized shape, and single-piece smooth inner-wall construction. The 5″ inlet is ideal for use with the most common dust collection ports on small shop tools. A system performance curve can be found by clicking the picture on the right.

What does “Actual CFM” mean?

Rather than post misleading and inflated “Free-Fan CFM Ratings” as other manufacturers do, Oneida Air promotes “Actual CFM” ratings which reflect the operating performance of the fan blower once the filter, cyclone, and flex hose (10ft) are attached. This is to give you the best possible estimate for your dust collection performance. Free-Fan ratings (measured as the fan blower with nothing attached) are usually double the Actual CFM and impossible in any real-world application.

Maximum Actual CFM 583 CFM at 2″ Static Pressure
Impeller Size 12″ Diameter
Build Construction Single-piece / Backward Inclined
Material Type Composite / Non-sparking & Non-ferrous as required by NFPA Fire Code

Lightweight Design & Compact Footprint ↑↑

XXPM010100H Mobile Support Stand

We’ve optimized this system for smaller workspaces (where workers move their collector from tool-to-tool) so we’ve molded the cyclone, fan housing, filter plenum, and the drum from an industrial static conductive resin. This heavy-duty resin won’t dent or rust and is extremely lightweight, allowing for a high-degree of mobility with the built-in galvanized steel stand and large non-marking rubber caster wheels.

  • Lightweight: 30% lighter than the nearest competitor!
  • Mobile: Compact three legged stand provides maximum stability when moving around the shop.
  • User Friendly The unique static conductive resin safely conducts static buildup, significantly reducing the likelihood harmful static discharges
  • Floor Friendly: Large 3″ caster wheels can be locked in place for additional security and won’t scuff your floors!
  • Minimal Point-of-Contact: Only the stand wheels make contact with the floor, while the drums casters only touch when you’re removing it for emptying.
Total Weight Approx. 85 lbs.
Total Height Approx. 64″
Total Footprint 36″ x 30″
System Support 3-Leg Galvanized Angled Steel Tripod
Stand Wheels Three 3″ Rubber, Locking, 360° Free-Swivel Casters
Drum Wheels Three 2″ Rubber, Non-Locking, 360° Free-Swivel Casters

Streamlined Molded Cyclone Separator ↑↑

XXPM010100H Cyclone and Body

The Molded Mini-Gorilla features an ultra-high efficiency cyclone which pre-separates over 99% of fine dust and bulk debris. It’s patented long-tapered shape is optimized for minimum static pressure loss and maximum particle separation. Waste is collected in the 22 Gal. container below the cyclone, virtually eliminating filter clogging while protecting your impeller from larger debris (e.g. nuts, bolts, gravel, wood chips, etc.).

  • Clean Shop, Clean Air: No more banging out messy dust bags
  • Cost Efficient: Eliminates the need for purchasing expensive replacement dust bags
  • Maximum Cyclone Performance: The taller the cyclone shape, the more time given for separation by centrifugal force
  • Neutral Vane Inlet: 5″ diameter for use with common flex hose and tool port sizes (reducers and clamps available)
  • Integrated Air Ramp: Guides air directly into the vortex, maximizing particle separation performance and airflow
  • Works w/ Wet or Dry Materials: Continuously high airflow ensures that only clean air is passed on into the fan impeller

True-HEPA Media Cartridge Flame Guard™ Filter ↑↑

XXPM010100H True-HEPA Filter

Oneida Air’s systems use hospital-grade True-HEPA Media cartridge filters specifically engineered for dust collection. They are specially designed for low pressure drop and fast dust release for easy maintenance. Unlike other cartridge filters on the market, our filters work at peak efficiency right out of the box, require zero pre-loading, and are easily serviceable.

Additional Features:
  • Easy-Clean Vacuum Hose Hookup: Allows for extremely fast and easy filter cleaning, eliminating the need for unhooking and emptying messy dust pans! Simply connect your shop vacuum to the bottom port on the filter while reverse blowing compressed air into the pleats and breathe new life into your filter!
  • Flame Guard™ Arrestor Technology: Patented safety feature composed of a special metal mesh surrounding the filter that works to rapidly dissipate any heat generated by a deflagration within your filter.
  • Third Party Tested: Oneida Air fully stands by the quality and performance of our filters; each filter is sent to an accredited independent testing lab. Call 1-888-510-2295 for more information and documentation.
Filter Type G.E. Certified H-12 HEPA Media
Additional Documentation Call for info.
Filtration Efficiency 99.97% of particles captured down to 0.3 micron in size
ASHRAE Testing MERV Rating 16± (Learn More)
Total Filtration Area 35 sq ft
Dimensions 10.5″ x 19.5″
Pleat Arrangement Wide-Spaced
Pleat Coating “Teflon-like” PTFE membrane
Lifespan 5–7 years based on typical usage
Item # FCS101935HF

Easy-to-Handle Large Capacity Dust Container ↑↑

XXPM010100H Dust Container

Molded from the same static conductive resin as the rest of the system, the dust container of the Molded Mini Gorilla is a highly reinforced, lightweight, 22 gallon drum with non-marking casters. Easy to empty and easy to use, the Mini-Gorilla’s drum lets you work with maximum efficiency.

  • Level Detection: Dust level viewing window lets you see when the drum is getting full!
  • Quick-Release Latch: Three elevation latches lift the drum off the ground while system is in use for higher mobility
  • Simple to Empty: Bag Gripper System allow the use of liner bags within the drum (2 bags included) for quick and easy waste disposal
  • Mobile: Features three free swiveling caster wheels and easy-carry handles for dumping
Drum Capacity 22 Gallons (83.28L)
Drum Wheels Three 2″ Rubber, Non-Locking, 360° Free-Swivel Casters
Dust Bags 22 Clear Plastic Bags Included (Item #VAB363602)

Additional information

Weight 158 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 48 × 57 in


1.5HP Molded Mini Gorilla Portable Collector 220V – Instructions / Owner’s Manual
1.5HP Molded Mini Gorilla Portable Collector 220V – Quick Quote / Spec Sheet