10HP Direct Drive Cyclone Dust Collection System

Industrial construction with fully seam-welded, powder-coated steel cyclone body and high-efficiency U.S. fan motor. Square-to-round inlet adapter included. Base price does not include optional drum, filter, or mounting options.

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Realize the Power of American Manufacturing

10HP Direct Drive Diagram

Our 10HP Direct Drive system provides powerful airflow within a compact, quiet, and cost-effective package. With its high-efficiency cyclone separator you can expect continuously high suction performance and minimal filter maintenance.

Made in the USA with long lasting heavy-gauge steel components, our 10HP is ideal for fixed ductwork where 3-5 tools are in use simultaneously. With it’s typical operating range delivering 3″-11″ of static pressure (see fan curve) this system is particularly suited for CNC equipment requiring multiple open ports as well as other high pressure applications.

Primary Features Include:

  1. Industrial 10HP U.S. Baldor® Motor (3-Phase) – More »
  2. Integral Fan Blower w/ Carbon-Steel Impeller – More »
  3. Rectangular Neutral Vane Inlet w/ 12″ Dia. Adapter – More »
  4. Solid-Welded Steel Cyclone Pre-Separator – More »
  5. Two-Year Limited Warranty – More »

Optional Components

  1. ASHRAE Tested Filter & Plenum Kit – More »
  2. Heavy-Duty One Angle Iron Stand – More »
  3. Industrial Waste Containers (55 Gal. and larger) – More »

Industrial 10HP U.S. Baldor® Motor (3-Phase)

Your collector should perform at peak efficiency at all times to ensure the health, safety, and quality of your shop and the workers within it. That’s why Oneida Air uses only the highest quality US-Made motors with our dust collection systems.

Far more reliable than the cheap, foreign imported motors used by other manufacturers, our industrial-grade motors are built to last a lifetime, are designed to operate at peak efficiency within the system, and can be easily maintained or taken to local U.S. service centers.

Complete system is cETLus certified
American Made Motor
Manufacturer Baldor
Horsepower 10 HP
Type TEFC, C-Face
Insulation Class F
Grease Fittings Yes
Service Factor 1.15
Voltage 208V – 230V
(Call for 460V)
Phase 3-Phase
Amperage 26.2A – 23.8A
(11.9A with 460V)
Recommended Breaker 30A
Safety Certification UL Listed Motor
Frequency 60Hz
Magnetic Starter Included with on/off switch and overload protector. (Additional stations available)
Remote Control Sold Separately

Integral Fan Blower w/ Carbon-Steel Impeller

Oneida Air 10HP Direct Drive System Fan Performance Curve

Oneida Air’s fan blowers are designed for high-performance and low noise, operating at a low audio frequency to eliminate irritating high-pitched whining. The 7.5HP Direct Drive’s fan housing is fully welded from heavy-gauge steel (11 GA motor plate) to endure years and years of continuous usage.

To view an air performance curve for this system, click on the image to the right.

What does “Actual CFM” mean?

Rather than post misleading and inflated “Free-Fan CFM Ratings” as other manufacturers do, Oneida Air promotes “Actual CFM” ratings which reflect the operating performance of the fan blower once the filter, cyclone, and hose/ducting (10ft) are attached. This is to give you the best possible estimate for your dust collection performance. Free-Fan ratings (typically measured as the fan blower with nothing attached) are impossible to attain in any real-world application. We have provided both ratings below to help you make your own comparisons.

Maximum Actual CFM 3,800 CFM at 2.3″ S.P.
Noise Level 85-87 dBA† at 10 ft
Blower Outlet Rectangular (Round Adapter Available)
Impeller Welded Carbon-Steel / Backward Inclined.
Construction Dynamic, Two-Plane Balanced to ISO 6.3 Specs (the same as aircraft turbines rotors!)

† Weighted for loudness perceived by the human ear. Measured with standard silencer and filter attached.

Solid-Welded Steel Cyclone Pre-Separator

Every dust collection system by Oneida Air features a long-tapered cyclone design that provides maximum pre-separation efficiency – removing both fine sanding dust and bulk debris from the incoming air-stream before it ever reaches the fan blower.

Primary Benefits of Oneida Air Cyclones
  • Extended Filter Life: Virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss – saving you both time and money!
  • Motor/Impeller Protection: Large or harmful debris is safely removed from the airstream and contained below the cyclone, rather than being sucked into your fan blower.
  • Adaptable Configuration: Inlet and outlet ports can be rotated independently of each other at 45° increments, facilitating installation with existing ductwork layouts.
Construction Solid-Welded 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel
Finish Rust-Preventative White Powder Coat
Inlet Size 8″x14″ I.D. (12″ Dia. square-to-round adapter included)
Inlet Type Neutral Vane
Bottom Discharge 10″ Dia.
Rotary Airlocks Sold separately

ASHRAE Tested Filter & Plenum Kit

Triple Stacking Filter Plenum Kit

Specifically designed for dust collection applications, this optional Filter & Plenum Kit (Item # FXK030100) should be used in any shop that does not have the option of venting the exhaust air outside. This kit features large, modular, spunbond cartridge filters engineered for low-pressure drop, simple maintenance, and fast installations. Best of all, just like our systems these filters are proudly made in the USA!

Included with Plenum Kit (Item #FXK030100):
  • Spunbond Cartridge Filters: With hose and hardware for mounting to stand (Call for HEPA upgrade).
  • Modular Filter Stacking System: Patented solution provides the filtration area of a larger filter, but without the cumbersome weight and install. Can be adapted to adjust or upgrade your filtration area as needed.
  • Internal Filter Silencer: Patented acoustic foam reduces air turbulence noise & vibration
  • Lightweight Filter Dust Pan: Easily removable, this high-density molded plastic bin contains dust that drops off the inner wall of the filter, useful when you’re cleaning the filter via reverse-blown compressed air
  • Realtime Filter Efficiency Gauge: Takes the guesswork out of filter maintenance by measuring static pressure built up behind the filter.
Filter Type 100% Spunbond Polyester (HEPA upgrade available – call for info)
Total Filtration Area 465 sq ft
Filtration Efficiency (at 11 FPM) 99.9% at 0.2 – 2 microns
ASHRAE Tested Learn More
Pleat Coating “Teflon-like” PTFE membrane
Pleat Spacing Wide-Spaced
Item # FCK186200
Documentation Media Spec Sheet

Heavy-Duty One Angle Iron Stand

With its compact footprint, the 10HP Direct Drive can be adapted into almost any ductwork & shop layout. Designed for larger shops running multiple tools, this system can outfitted with different support systems and dust container configurations (e.g. splitter kit, hoppers, airlocks, etc.).

See the system’s Owner’s Manual for detailed dimensions or call us toll-free at 1-888-510-2295 for more details.

System Type Stationary
System Support Angle Iron Stand
Footprint 122″ x 33″ (w/ single drum stand and filter plenum kit)
Height 135″ (w/ single drum stand)

Industrial Waste Containers

This system’s high-efficiency cyclone separator removes bulk debris and fine dust from the incoming airstream, collecting it in a container beneath the cyclone. This allows for continuously high air suction and simple waste disposal.

Oneida offers several waste container options, including 55 gallon drums, 110 gallon dual-drum kits, and industrial feed hoppers. Customers can also supply their own open container when using one of our Motorized Rotary Air Lock Valves.

Popular Container Accessories:
  • Automatic Dust Bin Level Indicator – Patented adjustable sensor alerts user when bin is full.
  • Liner Bag Holder Kits – Heavy-duty HDPE sleeve allows the use of plastic bags in the drum for faster waste disposal.
  • Universal Drum Dolly – Lightweight molded drum dolly with five 2″ non-marking casters (2 locking). 150lb max load.
55 Gallon Drum Kit Item #SEK551001
1-2 Cu. Yd. Feed Hoppers Call for pricing and details.
110 Gallon Dual Drum Kit Item #SEK551010
(requires dual-drum stand #STZ070255)
10″ Rotary Air Lock Valve Item #SAZ100000
Call for pricing and details.

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10HP Direct Drive Cyclone Dust Collection System – Instructions / Owner’s Manual
10HP Direct Drive Cyclone Dust Collection System – Quick Quote / Spec Sheet