2HP SMART Portable HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector


Variable speed motor automatically adjusts to maximize suction and CFM. Complete system includes True-HEPA Media Flame Guard filter, drum liner bag holder, dust bin level sensor, and wireless remote control.

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The Smart Dust Collector™is a patent pending, variable speed cyclone collector. It adjusts the impeller speed automatically to always generate the maximum amount of suction and airflow for a given horsepower.

  • US Patent No. 8,491,685
  • US Patent No. 8,491,686
  • US Patent No. 8,496,719
  • US Patent No. 8,514,090

Award Winning – The Smart Collector has won 3 awards.

2011 Innov8 Award

WOOD Magazine, December / January 2011, Issue # 151

2010 Editors Choice – American Woodworker

American Woodworker magazine, December / January, Issue #151. The Smart Collector was picked as Editor’s Choice. It outperformed all other dust collectors. The Smart Dust Collector had the most airflow, highest suction and best filtration.

IWF 2010 Challengers Award Finalist

The “Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award” is internationally recognized as one of the industry’s highest honors in recognizing achievements in technology, process or significant contributions to environmental improvement in the woodworking industry.

Dust Gorilla GE H12 HEPA media filter

Filtration – GE H12 certified HEPA media Filter.


American Made Motor – Serviceable motor with grease fittings.

Drum Full Light

Drum Full Strobe Light – Dust Sentry bin sensor flashes strobe light when dust barrel is full.  Highly visible – alerts you from across the room.

Flame Guard Protection

Flame Guard Protection – Passive safety device to assist with OSHA compliance for industry.

35 gallon steel dust drum

Drop down 35 gallon steel dust barrel with castors – Easy dust removal and clearance to travel over electrical cords.


Patented V-Cyclone Technology – Higher efficiency fine separation than traditional cyclones.

Radio Frequency Remote

Radio Frequency Remote Control – Long range, works through walls.


  • Inlet – 6 Inch Dia.
  • Filter Type – 95 Sq-Ft GE H12 HEPA media filter | 99.97% of 0.3 – 0.5 microns
  • Flame-guard protection – Passive safety device to assist with OSHA compliance for industry
  • Footprint – 33″ x 48″
  • Height – 77″
  • Noise Level – 78-81dB @ 10′
  • Power Supply – 208-240V Single-phase power. 50-60hz. 14 Amps
  • Cord – 12ga, 6 foot length. NEMA 6-20P Plug installed.
  • Maximum Static Pressure – 23″ WC

CFM at end of hoses:

Hose Length Static Pressure CFM
6 Inch 10ft 3.0″ 930
5 Inch 10ft 9.5″ 725
4 Inch 10ft 13.5″ 525
3 Inch 10ft 17.0″ 410
2 Inch 10ft 20.0″ 265

PLEASE NOTE: The Smart System is not intended to be mounted outdoors. It must be in a weather-proof enclosure.

Additional information

Weight 380 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 48 × 78 in


2 HP


2HP SMART Portable HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector – Instructions / Owner’s Manual
2HP SMART Portable HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector – Quick Quote / Spec Sheet