3HP V-3000 HEPA Dust Collector 35 Gal Freestand


Quiet, powerful, and compact design for shops both large and small. Includes True-HEPA media filtration, industrial U.S. motor, and cyclonic pre-separator. Comes standard with angle-frame stand and 35 gal. fiber drum. Custom options available.

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Quiet, Compact, and Powerful – Ideal for Small Personal Workshops!

V Series Dust Collector Features Diagram

A continuation of our award-winning V-Series dust collectors, the new Molded V-System is more streamlined and more powerful than ever! The V-Series’ molded static conductive resin construction speeds up and simplifies system assembly, maximizes airflow performance, and significantly reduces noise levels.

This system is ideal for use in small 1-2 man shops operating tools such as lathes, planers, radial/miter saws, and more!

Included Features & Components

  1. Industrial 3HP U.S. Made Motor (230V) – More »
  2. Magnetic Starter w/ Overload Protector – More »
  3. Integral Fan Blower: 1,349 Maximum Actual CFM – More »
  4. High-Efficiency Molded S.C. Resin Cyclone Separator – More »
  5. 7″ Dia. Neutral Vane Inlet – More »
  6. G.E. Certified True-HEPA Media Cartridge Filter (MERV 16±) – More »
  7. Patented Built-in Foam Filter Silencer (75 dBa @ 10 ft) – More »
  8. Compact Steel Angle Frame Stand– More »
  9. 35 Gallon Reinforced Fiber Dust Drum – More »
  10. 1 Year System Warranty Included – More »
  11. FREE D.I.Y. Ductwork Design Guide – Written by Oneida Air Systems, Inc.

High-Efficiency Industrial U.S. Motor ↑↑

Your collector should perform at peak efficiency at all times to ensure the health, safety, and quality of your work. That’s why Oneida Air uses only the highest quality American-Made motors with our dust collection systems. Far superior than the cheap, foreign imported motors used by other manufacturers, our industrial-grade motors are built to last a lifetime, are designed to operate at peak efficiency within the system, and can be easily maintained at local U.S. service centers.

Complete system is cETLus certified
Motor Size 3 HP
(1.5HP, 2HP, and 5HP also available)
Manufacturer Leeson U.S.A.
Motor Type TEFC C-Face Motor
Grease Fittings Yes
Service Factor 1.0
Insulation Class F
Voltage 230V
Amperage 13A
Phase Single
Safety Certification UL Listed Motor
Magnetic Starter Included with on/off switch and overload protector. (Additional stations available)
Remote Control Not included. Can be purchased and installed into starter

High Efficiency Integral Fan Blower

Single-Piece Fan Housing

For many customers, their shop is their livelihood. That’s why, in our commitment to engineering transparency, Oneida Air Systems guarantees our air performance and filtration specifications. Shop-owners can rest assured in the knowledge that they have the most accurate and reliable information for planning their shop.

Our fan performance curves are measured at 10ft from the blower inlet with a completely assembled system (with filter, cyclone, and duct/hose attached) to account for both air resistance and pressure. Compare this to other manufacturers who rely on vastly inflated “Free Fan” CFM ratings that could never exist in the real world.

Operating Airflow 1,349 Actual CFM at 2.3″ S.P.
View Fan Curve
Noise Level 75 dBA¹ at 10 ft (w/ included drop-in filter silencer)
Fan Housing Material Durable & Lightweight Static Dissipative Resin
Fan Housing Construction Single-piece w/ Smooth, Rounded Corners
Impeller Type Backward Inclined. Non-Sparking and Non-Ferrous as required by NFPA fire codes.
Impeller Size 14.25″ Diameter
Mounting Positions Housing rotates independently of cyclone inlet at 45 deg. increments
Blower Outlet 7-3/8″ x 6-3/8″ I.D. (call us for square to round adapter)

¹ Weighted for loudness perceived by the human ear. Measured with standard silencer and filter attached.

Streamlined Molded Cyclone Separator ↑↑

V-Series 7 IN Neutral Vane Inlet

The Molded V-Series features an ultra-high efficiency cyclone which pre-separates over 99% of fine dust and bulk debris. It’s patented long-tapered shape is optimized for minimum static pressure loss and maximum particle separation. Waste is collected in the container below the cyclone, virtually eliminating filter clogging while protecting your impeller from larger debris (e.g. nuts, bolts, gravel, wood chips, etc.).

  • Neutral Vane Inlet: 7″ diameter for use with common 6″ ductwork layouts (reducers available)
  • Independent Rotation: Fan housing can be rotated so that the inlet and outlet can be rotated independently of each other to suit your needs.
  • Maximum Cyclone Performance: Patented “V-Shape” cyclone design allows for maximum particle separation via centrifugal force
  • Cost Efficient: Eliminates the need for purchasing expensive replacement filters and bags
  • Inlet Height: 63″ from ground to center of inlet (when mounted on 35 Gal. stand)

True-HEPA Media Cartridge Flame Guard™ Filter ↑↑

True-HEPA Filter

Oneida Air’s systems use hospital-grade True-HEPA Media cartridge filters specifically engineered for dust collection. They are specially designed for low pressure drop and fast dust release for easy maintenance. Unlike other cartridge filters on the market, our filters work at peak efficiency right out of the box, require zero pre-loading, and are easily serviceable.

Additional Included Features:
  • Lightweight HDPE Dust Pan: Captures residual dust that falls off the inside of the filter. Can be removed easily for cleaning after reverse blowing compressed air into the pleats.
  • Flame Guard™ Arrestor Technology: Patented safety mesh surrounding the filter that works to rapidly dissipate any heat generated by a deflagration within your filter.
  • Internal Filter Silencer: Patented acoustic foam further reduces air noise & vibration by 1–2 dBa
  • Third Party Tested: Oneida Air fully stands by the quality and performance of our filters; each filter is sent to an accredited independent testing lab. Call 1-888-510-2295 for more information and documentation.
Filter Type G.E. Certified H-12 HEPA Media
Additional Documentation Call for info.
Filtration Efficiency 99.97% of particles captured down to 0.3 micron in size
ASHRAE Testing MERV Rating 16± (Learn More)
Total Filtration Area 95 sq ft
Dimensions 13″ x 36″
Pleat Arrangement Wide-Spaced
Pleat Coating “Teflon-like” PTFE membrane
Lifespan 5–7 years based on typical usage
Item # FCS133695HF

Compact Galvanized Steel Angle Frame Stand ↑↑

35 GAL SC V-System Stand Ring

This V-Series dust collection system comes standard with a 35 gallon drum and stand option. The stationary 4-legged galvanized steel frame features a low overall footprint and rubber non-marking feet so it won’t scuff your floors. Oneida Air has specifically engineered this stand to fit comfortably underneath typical 8ft ceiling heights, making it perfect for garage or basement shops!

Alternate stand, drum, and wall mounting options available by phone order.

  • # STG210755 – 55 Gallon Drum Height Stand
  • # SMK180000 – Wall-Mounting Bracket
  • # ODK550701 – 55 Gallon Fiber Drum
  • # OEK350701 – 35 Gallon Steel Drum
  • # OEK550701 – 55 Gallon Steel Drum
System Type Stationary
System Support Galvanized Steel Angle Frame Stand
Wall Mount Not included. Call for this option
Stand Width 27″
Stand Depth 27″
Stand Height 54″
Total System Width 47″
Total System Height 88″
Total Footprint 47″ x 32.5″

Durable 35 Gallon Fiberboard Drum Dust / Waste Container ↑↑

35 GAL Fiber Drum Kit

The V-System’s molded cyclone separator body removes over 99% of bulk debris and fine dust from the incoming airstream, depositing it into the lightweight 35 gallon fiber drum included with the system, allowing for fast and easy waste disposal. Oneida offers several optional components that can simplify your workflow even further (see below).

Optional Drum Components
  • Dust Bin Level Indicator: Patented adjustable infrared sensor detects when the drum reaches a pre-set level and flashes a highly visible strobe light that can be mounted up to 8ft away from the drum.
  • Drum Liner Bag Holder: Heavy-duty HDPE sleeve holds bags open inside the drum, allowing you to use plastic bags in the drum for faster waste disposal.
  • Drum Dolly: Lightweight molded drum dolly fit any size drum sold by oneida. Allows for easy waste disposal. (requires Leg Extension Kit to use)
Capacity 35 Gallons / 132.5L
(Call for larger option)
Bag Usage Requires Drum Liner Bag Holder Kit
Type Lightweight Fiberboard Drum (Call for steel option)
Waterproof No
Inlet Collared 7″ inlet for flex hose connections (included hose & clamps)
Lid Steel lid with locking-lever clamp

Additional information

Drum Size

35 gallon


3 HP


3HP V-3000 HEPA Dust Collector 35 Gal Freestand – Instructions / Owner’s Manual
3HP V-3000 HEPA Dust Collector 35 Gal Freestand – Quick Quote / Spec Sheet