46266 Solid Carbide Spiral Carbon Fiber Cutting Down-Cut 3/8 Dia x 1-1/8 x 3/8 Shank x 3-1/2 Inch Long

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Introducing Amana Tools®’s carbon graphite and carbon fiber cutting solid carbide router bits, designed to produce a minimum failure in composite materials such as layers separating and a significant loss of mechanical toughness.

The rapidly growing use of use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) necessitates tooling designed to effectively meet the challenges of such composites. Experts have recognized the need for a tool geometry combining a highly abrasion-resistant carbide substrate, generous fluting and an impact zone that not only “shatters” the hard carbon fibers but also keeps heat down.

These industrial router bits combat abrasion, heat and the breakdown of composites for clean, accurate cuts.

Excellent for cutting:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
  • Carbon Graphite
  • Plastic, PVC & Acrylic
  • Fiberglass
  • Fiberglass PCB Board


Tool No. 46266


Diameter (D) 3/8
Cutting Height (B) 1-1/8
Shank (d) 3/8
Overall Length (L) 3-1/2