8″ Direct Drive Rotary Air Lock Valve (3-Phase)


Automated dust disposal. Industrial feeder deposits waste into any size container while maintaining system air performance. Assembles in minutes.


Motor Specs 1/4HP U.S. Motor
230V, 3-Phase
Rotation Speed 13 RPM for lower seal wear
Volume Moved
at 100% Loading
3.75 CFM (ft³/min)
Volume Moved
at 30% Loading
1.10 CFM (ft³/min)
Dimensions Height: 15″ (38.10cm)
Width: 22.91″ (73.91cm)
Depth: 14.5″ (36.83cm)
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Weight 72 lbs. (32.658 kg)
Ships via UPS

Automatic Waste Disposal Into Any Size Container

Designed with smaller systems in mind, this 8″ Rotary Air Lock eliminates the need for an air-tight seal with the waste container below the dust collector. Waste is automatically deposited by the motorized valve while maintaining the dust collection system’s air suction performance. This allows you to use any kind of dust container with the collector, such as common waste bins or industrial hoppers, whatever suits the needs of your shop.

Oneida Air’s American-Made rotary Air Locks provide operators with the most economical, productive, and efficient way to handle dust and debris. Ideal for cabinet-makers, furniture manufacturers, and other shops handling large amounts of waste material at a time. Air Locks significantly reduce shutdown time for emptying bins, limit dust exposure in the shop, and minimize material back-up in the system.

How It Works:

Our Air Locks use high-efficiency US-Made motors to control the flow of discharge material from the dust collector via a rubber padded wheel that rotates a preset speed. The seal with the collector is maintained at all times, ensuring peak performance, while waste is continuously deposited below.

Features & Benefits:

  • Helical drive US-Made motor is compact, durable, and quiet
  • Made with fully seam-welded, cold rolled steel with powder-coated finish
  • Efficient design can be installed in minutes to nearly any dust collection system
  • Can be used with any size waste container (OAS also sells industrial hoppers)
  • Round 8″ flanged inlet (Square-to-round adapters available)
  • Not intended for severe duty. Designed for wood and other non-explosive dusts only
  • Long lifespan rubber wipers are user-replaceable
  • Proudly Made In America!

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