B2-48 ATC LT Auto Tool CNC Router

The B2-48 ATC LT CNC router features our 8-10 piece linear auto tool changer along with 4.5 kW/6HP Hitco spindle and the NK105G3 controller.


  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • K105G3 DSP Controller
  • 4.5 kW/6HP Hitco Spindle
  • Herion Helical Rack
  • THK Linear Guide Rails
  • Shimpo Gear Reducers
  • Becker KVT 3.140 Vacuum Pump
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The B2-48 ATC LT CNC router features our 8-10 piece linear auto tool changer with a 4.5 kW/6 HP Hitco spindle. This machine is ideal for light to medium duty manufacturing, such as 3D foam, signage, and light woodworking. The B2-48 ATC LT offers an affordable auto tool CNC router with a large workarea.

For a busy cabinet shop we recommend the B2-48 ATC.

Includes top quality components, like THK linear guide rails, Shimpo planetary gear reducers from Japan, Helical WMH Herion rack and pinion from Germany and Delta VFD for quick and precise motion. All of our electrical components are CSA/UL listed from name brand suppliers.

The B2-48 ATC LT is built for reliability and low maintenance with an easy to use controller.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description

Physical Features

Machining Bed 49 in x 98 in/124.46 cm x 248.92 cm
Machine Footprint  126 x 78.54 x 62.25in / 32o x 199.5 x 158.1 cm
Electrical Cabinet Size
Table Top PVC Vacuum Table
Aluminum T-Slot
T-Slot/Vacuum Combo
Gantry Height 8 in/12 in/18in
Weight 3086 lbs/1400 kg
Colour White
Table Structure Welded Steel Frame


Interface NK105G3
Type IPC-based
Screen Size 4 in/10.16 cm
Touch Screen No
Operating System DSP
Inputs USB


Model Hitco
Power 4.5 kW/6 HP
Max Speed 24000 RPM
Collet Size ER 32 ISO 30
Variable Frequency Drive Delta – Model VFD110B23A
Cooling System Electric Air Cooled

Drive System

Motor Delta
Type Micro Stepper With Yako Drivers
Power 750 W
Transmission (X & Y) – WHM Helical Rack & Pinion Drive
(Z) – RSK Ball Screw Drive – R16-5T3-FS1-420-0.05
THK Linear Guide Rails (All Axes) – HSR25R2QSSSHH
Shimpo Gear Reducers – VRSF-10C-RV
Rapid Speed 1200 IMP
Max Cutting Speed 900 IMP

Tool Change

Automatic Yes
Tool Holder Positions 8-10


Positioning 0.0079 in/0.2 mm
Repositioning 0.0020 in/0.05 mm


Voltage 208 V 3 Phase 60 Hz
Machine Power 12.5 kW
Vacuum Power (95CFM) 5.5 kW
Total Power 17.5 kW
Total Amperage 50 A

Standard Features

  • CNC Router Spindle HSD

    4.5 kW Hitco Spindle

    High-precision Hitco spindles for power and flexibility. Perfect for milling, boring, and cutting applications. Handles a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, and aluminum.

  • CNC Router Linear Tool Changer

    Linear Automatic Tool Changer

    Linear Automatic Tool Changer quickly changes tools to reduce down time due to setup. Increased productivity and automated operation improves ROI.

  • CNC Router Handwheel Pendant OSAI

    OSAI OPEN Controller

    Powered by OSAI Open controllers for high-speed, accurate CNC machining. Look-ahead with 256 pre-calculated blocks while feedforward control improves tracking and contouring accuracy. Manage tool magazine, tool life, and more.

  • THK Linear Guide Rails

    PMI/THK Linear Guide Rails

    THK guide rails for precision machining at high-speeds. Energy-saving operation and long service life.

  • CNC Router Planetary Gear Reducers SHIMPO

    Shimpo Gear Reducers

    Shimpo high-speed, precision gear reducers. These reducers are designed to minimize the heat generated during machining. With lower temperatures, you get higher speeds and durable performance despite continuous-duty environments and heavy-duty applications.

  • WHM Herion Helical Rack

    Herion Helical Rack

    WMH Herion helical rack and pinion drives provide accurate and dynamic acceleration. Their durable design ensures a long service life with minimal maintenance. Capable of precisely moving heavy loads.

  • CNC Router Vacuum Pump Becker

    Becker KVT 3.140 Vacuum Pump

    Becker KVT vacuum pumps run quiet and cool. The 100% oil-less design and long vane life ensures minimal maintenance.


Configuration Options
Table Top Options T-Slot Table
Matrix Vacuum Table
T-Slot/Vacuum Combo Table
Gantry Height 8 in
12 in
18 in
Vacuum Pumps 95 CFM 5.5 kW/7 HP Becker KVT 3.140
150 CFM 6 kW/8 HP Becker VTLF 2.250
Dust Collection
Unist Mister System
Starter Tool Set
4th Axis – C Axis