B2-48 M CNC Router

The B2-48M CNC router is the best value CNC router in Canada. It’s fast, consistent, and extremely reliable.


  • NK105G3 DSP Controller
  • 3-6 kW HSD Spindle
  • Herion Helical Rack
  • PMI/THK Linear Guide Rails
  • Shimpo Gear Reducers
  • Becker KVT 3.140 Vacuum Pump
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The B2-48 M CNC router is the best value CNC router in Canada. It’s fast, consistent, and extremely reliable. This CNC router offers a wide-range of working areas. Aluminum T-slot table and combination T-slot/vacuum table options available.

Table Dimensions:

4’x8′, 5’x10′, 5’x12′, 6’x10′, 6’x12′, or custom.

Quality components, such as Herion helical rack & pinion and Shimpo gear reducers, provide durable, high-speed, and precision performance through continuous duty with minimal maintenance.

Select between NK105 DSP and WinCNC PC-based controllers.

Select between 3-6 kW HSD Spindles for a CNC router that matches your needs.

Technical Specification

Specification Description

Physical Features

Machining Bed 49 in x 98 in/124.46 cm x 248.92 cm
Machine Footprint  118.50 x 78.42 x 62in / 301 x 199.2 x 157.5cm
Electrical Cabinet Size
Table Top PVC Vacuum Table
Aluminum T-Slot
T-Slot/Vacuum Combo
Gantry Height 8in (12 in & 18 in Upgrade Available)
Weight 1400 kg / 3086Lbs
Colour White
Table Structure Welded Steel Frame


Interface NK105 G3
Type Handheld DSP
Screen Size 4 in/101.6 mm
Touch Screen No
Inputs USB


Model HSD – Y6162Y0016
Power 3.0 kW/4Hp
Max Speed 24000 RPM
Collet Size ER 25
Variable Frequency Drive Delta Model VFD037D23A
Cooling System Air Cooled

Drive System

Motor Indsutrial Grade Bipolar Nema 34 – FL86STH118A-22-CLP
Driver YAKO 2811
Type Micro Stepper
Power 750 W
Transmission (X & Y) – WHM Helical Rack & Pinion Drive
(Z) – RSK Ball Screw – R16-5T3-FS1-420-0.05
THK Linear Guide Rails (All Axes) – HSR25R2QZSSHH
Shimpo Gear Reducers – VRSF-8B-LM
Rapid Speed 1000 IMP
Max Cutting Speed 800 IMP

Tool Change

Automatic No
Tool Holder Positions 0


Positioning 0.2 mm
Repositioning 0.05 mm


Voltage 208 V 3 Phase 60 Hz
Machine Power 5.0 kW
Vacuum Power (95CFM) 5.5 kW
Total Power 10.5 kW
Total Amperage 30 A

Standard Features

  • CNC Router Spindle Y6162Y0016 HSD 3kW

    3.0 kW HSD Spindle

    High-precision HSD spindles for power and flexibility. Perfect for milling, boring, and cutting applications. Handles a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, and aluminum.

  • NK105G3 Pendant 2

    NK105G3 DSP Controller Or Win CNC

    The NK105 is an embedded IPC-based controller which provides a wide range of solutions and convenient hand-held pendant for flexible manual control. WinCNC is a CNC router and engraving controller based on a familiar Windows PC platform.

  • CNC Router Planetary Gear Reducers SHIMPO

    Shimpo Gear Reducers

    Shimpo high-speed, precision gear reducers. These reducers are designed to minimize the heat generated during machining. With lower temperatures, you get higher speeds and durable performance despite continuous-duty environments and heavy-duty applications.

  • THK Linear Guide Rails

    THK Linear Guide Rails

    THK guide rails for precision machining at high-speeds. Energy-saving operation and long service life.

  • CNC Router Vacuum Pump Becker

    Becker KVT 3.140 Vacuum Pump

    Becker KVT vacuum pumps run quiet and cool. The 100% oil-less design and long vane life ensures minimal maintenance.


Configuration Options
Spindle Upgrade 4.5 kW/6 HP
6 kW/8 HP
Table Top Options Matrix Vacuum Table
T-Slot Vacuum Combo Table
T-Slot Table
Gantry Height 8 in
12 in
18 in
Vacuum Pumps 95 CFM 5.5KW/7HP Becker KVT 3.140
150 CFM 6KW/8HP Becker VTLF 2.250
Dust Collection
Unist Mister System
Starter Tool Set
Rotary Axis