B3-48 ATC CNC Router

The B3-48ATC is a large CNC router with versatile functions, including routing, drilling, cutting, side-milling, and edge chamfering. Boring aggregate optional.


  • 9/12 kW HSD Spindle
  • OSAI OPEN Controller
  • Herion Helical Rack
  • PMI/THK Linear Guide Rails
  • Shimpo Gear Reducers
  • Becker KVT 3.140 Vacuum Pump
  • Carousel Tool Changer
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The B3-48 ATC is a large CNC router with versatile functions, including routing, drilling, cutting, side-milling, and edge chamfering. This CNC router offers a combination aluminum T-slot/vacuum table and optional boring aggregate. Select between linear or carousel tool changer.

Select between Syntec, OSAI Open, and NC-Studio controllers.

High quality Yaskawa servo motors and Herion helical rack & pinion with Shimpo gear reducers, provide durable, high-speed, and precision performance on your toughest jobs.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Travelling Size 126.0×250.0x20.0 cm
Working Size 124.0×248.0x18.0 cm
Table Size 124.0×248.0x18.0 cm
Number of Vacuum Grippers 4/6/8
Max Holding Force 160 kG
Loading and Unloading Speed 10m/min
Transmission X/Y rack and pinion drive; Z ball screw drive
Table Structure T-slot vacuum
Spindle Power 9.0kW or 12KW
Spindle Speed 24000rpm/min
Travelling Speed 35m/min
Working Speed 20m/min
Tool Magazine Carousel
Tool Slots 8 or 10
Driving System Delta/Yaskawa
Voltage AC208/3PH/60HZ
Controller OSAI OPEN

Standard Features

  • CNC Router Spindle HSD

    HSD 9/12 kW HSD Spindle

    High-precision HSD spindles for power and flexibility. Perfect for milling, boring, and cutting applications. Handles a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, and aluminum.

  • CNC Router Auto Tool Changer Carousel

    Auto Tool Changer – Carousel

    Automatic Tool Changer quickly changes up to 8 tools to reduce down time due to setup. Increased productivity and automated operation improves ROI.

  • CNC Router Handwheel Pendant OSAI

    OSAI OPEN Controller

    Powered by OSAI Open controllers for high-speed, accurate CNC machining. Look-ahead with 256 pre-calculated blocks while feedforward control improves tracking and contouring accuracy. Manage tool magazine, tool life, and more.

  • CNC Router Planetary Gear Reducers SHIMPO

    Shimpo Gear Reducers

    Shimpo high-speed, precision gear reducers. These reducers are designed to minimize the heat generated during machining. With lower temperatures, you get higher speeds and durable performance despite continuous-duty environments and heavy-duty applications.

  • WHM Herion Helical Rack

    Herion Helical Rack

    WMH Herion helical rack and pinion drives provide accurate and dynamic acceleration. Their durable design ensures a long service life with minimal maintenance. Capable of precisely moving heavy loads.

  • THK Linear Guide Rails

    PMI/THK Linear Guide Rails

    THK guide rails for precision machining at high-speeds. Energy-saving operation and long service life.

  • CNC Router Vacuum Pump Becker

    Becker KVT 3.140 Vacuum Pump

    Becker KVT vacuum pumps run quiet and cool. The 100% oil-less design and long vane life ensures minimal maintenance.