Dust Cobra 17 Gal. HEPA Dust Extractor


Hybrid cyclonic dust collector / shop vacuum with rapid pulse cleaner. Delivers 3x higher airflow than traditional vacuums. Lightweight, compact design for enhanced portability. Full-unit HEPA certification meets all EPA RRP requirements.

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Built for the Jobs Other Vacuums Can’t Handle

Dust Cobra® Features Diagram

Oneida Air Systems’ Dust Cobra® is the system of choice for both hobbyist and professional craftsman looking for a powerful, compact, and versatile dust control system. It’s patented design allows for more than 3x higher air performance when compared to traditional shop vacuums and works to minimize downtime by virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss.

By combining the best features of both a dust collector and a shop vacuum, the portable Dust Cobra can be used in nearly any application for general shop clean-up or it can be connected directly to your tools for Complete Source Dust Collection.

It’s high pressure intake makes it ideal for tools with dust ports 4″ and smaller where standard dust collectors fall short – including, but not limited to:

    • Routers
    • Dremel Tools
    • Carving Tools
    • Mini-Lathes
    • Band Saws
    • Scroll Saws
    • Panel Saws
    • Chop/Miter Saws
    • Sanders
    • Edgers
    • Buffers
    • Grinders

Included Features:

  1. Industrial High Efficiency Fan Blower Motor (call for 220V model) – More »
  2. Internal Rapid Pulse Filter Cleaner™ System – More »
  3. Full-Unit HEPA Certification Meets EPA RRP Guidelines – More »
  4. Cyclone Pre-Separator w/ 2.5″ Neutral Vane Inlet – More »
  5. 17 Gallon Steel Drum w/ Bag Hold Down – More »

This base model of our Dust Cobra HEPA vacuum features a small, compact footprint and is powerful enough to fill the needs of both a shop vacuum and a small personal dust collector to help you save on valuable floor space and money! Suitable for hose lengths up to 100 ft to connect to your tools wherever they’re located.

For mobile applications please see our Industrial Dust Cobra package.

Industrial High Efficiency Fan Blower Motor

Dust Cobra Motor Cowl Assembly View

Oneida Air Systems uses only the finest quality motors and impeller blades within our dust collection systems. Combined with the efficiency of the integrated cyclone pre-separator, users can expect a lifetime of peak performance from their Dust Cobra vacuum. The cyclone works to remove up to 99% of material from the incoming air-stream, significantly extending the life of the system by protecting the impeller and reducing motor strain.

The Dust Cobra cyclone’s new single-piece, molded resin construction allows for significantly reduced noise output and improved airflow performance compared to previous steel models. Additionally, Oneida Air’s motors are specifically selected for their low noise pitch to enhance user comfort.

Max. Airflow 245 CFM
(@ 23″ S.P.)
Max. Suction 70″ WC
Noise Output 73 dBA¹
Remote Control Sold Separately
Voltage 110V (call for 220V model)
Amperage 15.5A
Cord Length 20′
Certification ETL Marked System

¹ Sound levels are measured at a distance of 10ft and weighted for loudness perceived by the human ear.

Internal Rapid Pulse Filter Cleaner System

Dust Cobra HEPA Filter Assembly

There are few tasks worse than dealing with a clogged vacuum filter; cleaning them can be messy and time consuming, and it’s often the only way to restore suction.

Now you can clean your filter without disassembling or turning off the vacuum!

With the Dust Cobra’s patented Rapid Pulse Filter Cleaner™, you never have to worry about downtime or dust clouds while cleaning your filter! A few quick taps on the Pulse Bar temporarily reverses the vacuum’s airflow, blowing dust off of the filter and safely into the drum below.

Pulse Type Manual
Pulse Interval ~30 Minutes
How It Works Demo Video
U.S. Patent #9,125,535 B2

Full-Unit Certified HEPA Dust Extractor

Dust Cobra Full-Unit HEPA Certification

In the home renovation and professional contracting industry, there’s no substitute for Full-Unit HEPA Certification. That’s why each Dust Cobra® purchase includes a printed certificate to document that the unit has been independently tested and certified to strict EPA guidelines, protecting you from expensive fines!

Meets All EPA RRP Requirements for Contractors – Including Lead!

With this certification you can work comfortably with the knowledge that your vacuum not only filters particulates down to 0.3 microns in size with a 99.97% capturing efficiency, but that the system is fully sealed to eliminate leakage, protecting the work environment and those within it.

Filter Type GORE Cleanstream® Dome Top HEPA Filters
Filter Rating 99.97% filtration efficiency at 0.3 microns (µm)
Replacement Filters Available
Unit HEPA Testing Standard IES RP-CC002.3 and IES-RP-CC0034.3

Static Conductive Cyclone Pre-Separator

Dust Cobra Cyclone Inlet View

For over 20 years Oneida Air has been the industry leader in cyclonic dust collection thanks to our patented V-Shape cyclones designs combining maximum particle separation and airflow efficiency. The Dust Cobra’s lightweight, resin cyclone removes up to 99% of airborne dust and debris before it ever reaches the filter!

The cyclone works by using centrifugal force to separate materials heavier than air, depositing them in an easy to empty container beneath the cyclone, while clean air is pulled back up through the “eye” of the vortex. This separation not only allows for mess-free waste disposal but also frees up the filter to work as intended, capturing only the finest particulates and providing hospital-grade, breathable air.

Our Dust Cobra’s patented cyclone is molded from a industrial, static conductive resin. Significantly lighter and quieter than previous steel models, this carbon-infused polymer resin maintains the static grounding pathway – protecting you from harmful static buildup and discharges.

Inlet Size 2.5″ O.D. (2.25″ I.D.)
Inlet Type Integrated Neutral Vane
U.S. Patent #8,377,160

Molded cyclone cannot be used with hot or smoldering materials.

17 Gal. Steel Drum w/ Bag Hold Down

The Dust Cobra's bag hold down system in effect

The Dust Cobra features one of the largest waste containers available for a wet/dry vacuum at a whopping 17 gallon capacity! Intended for contractors and other professionals who need the freedom to work without worrying about constantly emptying their vacuum.

Waste disposal is made fast and simple thanks to the Dust Cobra’s integrated Bag Hold Down System that uses vacuum pressure to keep plastic bags open inside the drum. When you know the drum is full (thanks to the built-in bin level sensor), simply remove the lid, tie off the bag, and lift it out!

Container Size 17 Gallons
Included Bags Clear 1.5 Mil bags (5 Pack)
Drum Type Reinforced steel drum with painted exterior
Additional Bags Available

Lightweight & Compact Design

Footprint 20″ x 20″
Height 48″
Weight 45 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 60 in


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