56130 Carbide Tipped Classical Plunge with Upper BB 5/32 Radius x 7/8 Dia x 1/2 x 1/4 Inch Shank


Diameter (D) 7/8
Radius (R) 5/32
(B) Cutting Height 1/2
Shank (d) 1/4
Overall Length (L) 2
R1 7/32
Replacement Bearing 47708
Flutes 2


Rout decorative grooves on solid wood or MDF panels and surfaces with a handheld router. Form edges with a hand router equipped with an edge guide, or on a router table. Shank-mounted bearing allows cuts to be guided by a template mounted atop the workpiece.


Diameter (D) 7/8
R1 7/32
Radius (R) 1/2
Cutting Height (B) 1/4
Shank (d) 1/2
Overall Length (L) 47708
Replacement Bearing 5/32
Flutes 2