Insert Superabbet 2 Dia x 30mm x 1/2 Inch Shank


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This ingenious tool features both interchangeable cutting edges and an interchangeable guide collar, enabling you to cut a wide range of rabbets. Changing the collars on the twin ball-bearing guide steps the cut width in 1/16″ increments from flush through 3/4″ with five extra “plywood” sizes. Between the standard and optional collars, there are 18 different rabbet sizes available. The deep guide collar design adds stability to the tool for hand-held router operations. The basic 2″-diameter bit includes a hex key, instructions, and all necessary parts for 5/8″ and 3/4” deep rabbets. The “RC” version has extra-long double-edged carbide inserts which enables the bit to cut 30mm high. Inserts can be rotated or replaced without removing the bit from the router. Maximum RPM 17,000. Knives also available for MDF & solid surface materials.