Powerful MASSO G3 mill/router CNC controller integrated with 15″ capacitive touch LED screen.

Axis 3 Axis, 4 Axis, 5 Axis
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MASSO Touch is a standalone Mill/Router CNC Controller with fully integrated hardware and software specially designed to run CNC machines independently of a PC. No need to worry about installing drivers or motion cards, just wire the MASSO to your motor drives and enter calibration values to start machining.

MASSO Touch allows the user to easily wire, install accessories and service the unit while mounted on the machine.

Built-in WiFi Connectivity – MASSO Touch comes with Wi-Fi hardware and software to easily transfer gcodes files to the machine and monitor machine/job status through WiFi


  • E-Stop, cycle start and cycle stop buttons for easy machine control.
  • Software supports horizontal and vertical user interface with on screen touch keyboard for vertical interface.
  • USB ports for directly connecting keyboard, mouse and flash drives.
  • 24 Isolated Inputs.
  • 18 Outputs.
  • 2 Analog (12 bit) inputs.
  • Step & Direction signals for stepper or servo drives.
  • Direct spindle control with 0-10 volts, CW, CCW & PWM.
  • MPG handwheel dial support.

Technical Specifications

Dedicated hardware, requiring no PC
110kHz pulse rate on each axis
24 Isolated Inputs
18 Outputs
2 Analog (12 bit) inputs
Step & Direction signals for stepper or servo drives
Direct spindle control with 0-10 volts, CW, CCW & PWM
MPG hand wheel dial support