4x Longopac Mini Bag Cassettes

Use the innovative Longopac system to allow for customizable bag sizes and virtually eliminate dust exposure when tying off bags for disposal. Compatible with the CC500 Dust Extractor and the CDD-L Cyclonic Pre-Separator.

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The time-saving Longopac bagging system is compatible with Oneida Air Systems’ CC500 Dust Extractor and CDD-L Pre-Separator. Bags can be quickly sealed and replaced from the outside – minimizing the dust exposure for the tool operator and aiding in OSHA compliance for new silica dust safety standards.

How to Change Longopac Bags:


Waste Capacity Customizable
Shape Cylindrical
Thickness 3 layer, 1000g dart drop
Color Clear
Width 14"
Depth 14"
Height 196' (Max)
Contents 4x Bag Cassettes, 75x Cable Ties