• Portable CNC Router
  • Affordable Price
  • Small Footprint
  • Easy To Use

Desktop CNC Routers

Our desktop CNC routers bring the power and versatility of CNC fabrication to your desktop. Their small form-factor and affordable price make desktop CNC routers perfect for home and hobby applications with the speed and precision expected of an industrial grade product.

Rapid prototyping has never been easier than with the current generation of desktop CNC routers. An item can go from your imagination to your computer and from your computer to your desktop CNC router in virtually no time at all.

Desktop CNC routers also make great gifts for the hobbyist in your life. Small enough to fit into any workshop, and versatile enough to handle a wide range of tasks, desktop CNC routers unlock the power of your imagination. Make the impossible possible, and the possible that much easier.

D-11 Desktop CNC Routers

D-11 miniTron Desktop Computer Controlled Router

The miniTron D-11 desktop CNC router is a small machine with an affordable price—perfect for home and small manufacturing applications.

The D-11 offers low noise operation and a long service life. The ball screw transmission provides precise movements and minimal maintenance. Assemble the electric spindle and driving control system according to your own needs.

The small form factor allows this desktop CNC router to fit almost anywhere. It’s even small enough to be portable, for increased mobility. Bring the power of CNC anywhere. No assembly required, simply plug and play.

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D-23 Desktop CNC Routers

D-23 miniTron Desktop CNC Router

The miniTron D-23 desktop CNC router with optional fold-out legs fits into tight work areas. Easy operation with convenient hand-held pendant. Perfect for small manufacturing jobs and home or hobbyist applications.

The fold-out legs turn this desktop CNC router into a stand-alone machine with a sturdy base for precision work. Easy to disassemble and reassemble, these legs provide increased versatility and mobility.

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