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  • D Series: 2x3 and 2x4 Desktop, Tabletop & Benchtop CNC Routers for Sale in Canada

    When you are in need of a desktop CNC router for your small business or startup, knowing which model to choose can feel like a challenge. CanCam is here to help. At CanCam, we are proud to bring you CNC router table machines that are specifically designed for small enterprise and compact-envelope projects from 2x3’ to 2x4’. A 2x4’ CNC router table is the perfect choice for many small businesses. Get your 2x3’ or 2x4’ CNC router, for sale with the experts at CanCam.

    Find a table-top CNC router for repeatable, precision cutting, routing, engraving, and marking. CanCam offers high-quality benchtop CNC router options. With the right CNC wood router woodworking projects are simplified, and the quality of your work product is increased with a desktop CNC wood router. When you choose CanCam, you’ll feel more confident. We look forward to sharing our expert-level knowledge with you and offering the support you need to make getting started simple.

    D-11 miniTron

    D-11 miniTron

    The D-11 is a 1×1′ desktop CNC router it is a very compact yet robust machine with a low price. Perfect for home, hobby, and small manufacturing applications.
    You expect low noise operation and a long service life with precision ball screw transmission.
    No assembly required, simply plug and play.

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    The D-23M is a 2×3’ desktop CNC router that is manufactured with bolted legs ready for assembly and a two zone T/slot vacuum table.
    Perfect for small manufacturing jobs and home or hobbyist applications.

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    Why Choose a Tabletop CNC Router Machine from CanCam?

    At CanCam, we bring you more value with a CNC router that is truly designed to work for your business. Get a 2×4’ CNC machine for wood or 2×3’ CNC router that incorporates components and design features typically only found on more expensive models. Your 2×4’ CNC router from CanCam comes with the following features to simplify your production.

    • Masso controller
    • 3HP Spindle capable of 24000RPM
    • CSK linear guide rails to ensure repeatability and accuracy
    • Precision TBI ball screws for uniform cutting
    • Cast aluminum gantry to ensure cross-table uniform, linear cutting
    • T-slot and vacuum table for fixuring a variety of substrates or production material
    • Sturdy bolted leg frame which can be disassembled to relocate the D-23M and D-24M into spaces with a tight entry prior to assembly
    Do You Offer Financing Options?

    When looking into CNC router table-top options, financing is often a top consideration. At CanCam, we make the process of getting the CNC router you need easier with convenient financing and leasing options. Keep your operating costs low and predictable with a leasing option tailored to your business’ financial capacity. Apply for leasing or financing today to get started.


    CNC routers come with unlimited phone and email support along with a 1 year parts warranty.