5-Axis / 3D CNC Machine for Sale in Canada

If you need a CNC router that is capable of completing complex work on 3D materials, then a 5-axis CNC router is just what you need. A 5-axis router expands on the capabilities of 3 and 4-axis routers by providing increased rotation abilities and is suitable for 3D materials and complex shapes. The 5 axis are commonly referred to as X,Y,Z, A AND B, which translate to X left to right, Y back and forth, Z up/down and A typically a rotating axis like a lathe or an additional 180-360 degrees of rotation at the spindle and B usually another freedom of movement at the spindle. When looking for a 5-axis CNC router for sale, the experts at CanCam have a high-quality router that meets the demands of your workshop.

At CanCam, we know that the purchase of a 3D CNC router is a major investment in your business. That’s why we are committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience. Gain access to free setup training and unlimited phone and email support when you choose a 5-axis CNC wood router from CanCam. Contact us today and find a 3D router that exceeds your expectations.

5-Axis CNC Machine FAQs

A 5-axis router or CNC 3D wood carving machine makes it possible to create complex parts that require precision. 5-axis routers are most often used in advanced workshops that create high-quality components and parts. Though a 5-axis router can be used with wood, it can also be used with materials such as metals, plastics, glass, and Plexiglas. A 5-axis router greatly expands the capabilities and quality of your workshop.

Choosing a 3D wood carving machine or CNC router requires multiple factors to be considered. The size of your workshop, production volume needs, and the type of materials you work with will all influence which type of CNC router is right for you. Contact the experts at CanCam and let us help you determine whether a 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis CNC router is right for your workshop.