• Affordable
  • Small Footprint
  • Hobby, Home, or Industrial

B1 Series Light Duty CNC Routers

Our entry-level light duty CNC routers offer low cost and small form-factor solutions for the industrial and hobby markets. These CNC routers are great for engraving and small-envelope projects. Their small footprints fit into the tightest spaces for a wide variety of applications.

Materials: wood, plastic, acrylics, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper, etc.), and foam.

2by3 CNC router

B1-23M – 2′ X 3′ CNC Router

The B1-23 M light duty CNC router is our 2’x3′ entry-level machine, designed for professional and industrial cutting, routing, engraving, and marking.

The difference between a cheap CNC router and great value is quality, and this CNC machine delivers high quality at a low price. Pre-configured plug and play 4th axis available (additional cost).

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B1-44 M – 4′ X 4′ CNC Router

The B1-44 M light duty CNC router is our 4’x4’ entry-level cutting, routing, engraving, and marking machine. This CNC router offers a 4’x4’ working area with an aluminum T-slot table and combination T-slot/vacuum table option.

Collapsible legs mean this CNC router fits into tight spaces and can be moved without a forklift.

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B1-44 ATC CNC Router

B1-44 ATC – Auto Tool Changer

The B1-44 ATC CNC router adds the power of an automatic tool changer to our entry-level 4’x4’ CNC router. Automatically switch between (up to) six tools mid-run to reduce setup time and increase productivity for complicated jobs.

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