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  • B Series: 4x4 CNC Routers for Sale in Canada

    Designed for the small enterprise or new venture, these 4x4’ CNC routers are engineered for installation into tight areas. The legs which are bolted onto the machine make it possible to tilt the cnc router bed vertically and get through doorways.
    Repeatable precision cutting, routing, engraving, and marking are built into this design.
    Each router model incorporates the following components and design features typically found on more expensive models:

    Masso or NK105-G3 controller
    3HP Spindle capable of 24000RPM
    CSK linear guiderails to ensure repeatability and accuracy
    Precision TBI ball screws for uniform cutting
    Cast aluminum gantry to ensure cross-table uniform, linear cutting
    T-slot and vacuum table for doubly immobilizing production material
    Sturdy bolted leg frame which can be disassembled to relocate the B1-44M into spaces with a tight entry prior to assembly

    B1-44M 4×4′ CNC Router

    B1-44M 4×4′ CNC Router

    The B1-44M is a 4×4′ CNC router that comes with bolted legs ready for assembly and a two zone T/slot vacuum table. Perfect for longer materials the unit machine is usually used for small manufacturing jobs and home or hobbyist applications. Ideal for a longer rotary lathe as well.

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    All CanCam CNC routers come with unlimited support and a 1 year warranty for parts and service.