The Nova series is a premium laser cutter and engraver is a very cost effective solution for the busy shop or individual looking to scale their business. Compatible with a wide range of CAM software, this CO2 laser engraver is easy to use and fits into smaller production areas. Another unique functionality built into the design is the ability to brake down the laser into two parts (upper and lower) so that it compact enough to fit through tight hallways and standard doorways. Typically used for high power cnc laser cutting and engraving over large surfaces. The Nova series is fast, accurate and allows for oversized material thanks to the front and rear passthrough hatch with Nova 14/16 being able to accommodate 4’ wide sheets of material.

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Nova 10 Elite

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Nova 13 Elite

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Nova 14 Elite

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Nova 16 Elite

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Horizontal Processing Envelope 1000*700mm 1300*900mm 1400*900mm 1600*1000mm
Vertical Processing Envelope 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
Machine Footprint without stand 1295*1520*1125mm 1380*1920*1240*mm 1410*1900*1025mm 1510*2100*1025mm
Standard laser Wattage 75W 75W 75W 75W
Laser Power Options (watts) 75/100/130/150W 75/100/130/150W 75/100/130/150W 75/100/130/150W
Fume Port Size 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm