Ultrasonic Dust Sentry Bin Level Indicator


High-performance ultrasonic sensor takes the guesswork out of when to empty your dust collector or pre-separator’s dust bin. This sensor uses ultrasonic technology (i.e. sound waves) to automatically detect when the dust bin is full and alerts the user with a high visibility strobe light – perfect for busy and noisy work environments.

The Ultrasonic Dust Sentry is ideal for use with very fine dusts (including silica/concrete) that would otherwise be too cloudy for optical sensors to accurately detect. Installs easily to the lid of any shape/size dust bin and can be adjusted to detect any preset fill level (4″ to 10″ from the lid is recommended). Strobe indicator light can be mounted up to 8 feet away from the sensor for maximum visibility in the shop.

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Automatically Alerts When The Bin Is Full

When you’re hard at work in your shop, the last thing you want to discover is an overfilled dust container and corresponding dust-packed filter. Oneida Air Systems’ Ultrasonic Sensor is designed to automatically alert you when your dust bin is full and needs to be emptied. Once the sensor detects the dust bin has reached a pre-set fill level, a high visibility strobe light alerts the operator to empty the bin.

Benefits & Features

  • Works regardless of light and dust conditions within the bin, making it ideal for light, reflective, and sticky particulates such as concrete silica dust.
  • User controlled fill-level can be adjusted for distances from 3″ to 36″ from the lid.
  • High intensity strobe light can be mounted up to 8 feet away from the sensor for maximum operator visibility.
  • More visible and reliable to use than traditional drum viewing windows.


Voltage 110V
Phase (Pre-Wired) 1-Phase
Frequency 60Hz
Power Connector
Power Cord Length 8 feet
Color Red
Contents Sonic Sensor, Strobe Light, Power Adapter
Warranty Information 90 Day Limited Warranty