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  • C3 Series: Custom and Large CNC Routers for Sale in Canada

    When you are looking for a large CNC machine for wood, CNC machine for metal or other material, the experts at CanCam have what you need. Our C3 Series large CNC routers are ideal for advanced applications and demanding workloads. Offering versatility without compromise, your large CNC router machine can keep up with your unique needs without worry. Let the experts at CanCam help you find the best large CNC router for your large-scale and advanced applications.

    Our C3 Series is the large-scale CNC router you’ve been searching for. Customizable in scale ranging in sizes from 4’ wide to 40’ in length, you’ll find a large CNC wood router that suits your exact needs at CanCam. Feel confident that your large CNC router table can keep up with the demands of your industry. Our large wood CNC machines include high-quality servo motors, helical rack, and pinion with Shimpo planetary gear reducers. Enjoy durability, high speeds, and precision performance on your toughest jobs with a C3 series CNC router.

    Large CNC Router

    Large CNC Router

    CanCam is able to offer custom cnc routers with large cutting tables up to 40′ in length and 8′ width. With a few table top options you are able to cut and route a variety of materials.
    Were happy to offer any customization you may need for your application.

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    C3-48ATC is a auto tool change machine availble in 4×8′, 5×10′ or a custom size.
    The C3 Series CNC machines are engineered and built for quicker tool changes with the carousel tool changer colocated with the spindle. The servos are larger, steel frame is thicker along with the larger linear guide components when compared to the C2. The industrial CNC router is designed for high production applications and is available in a lengths up to 40′.

    Standard features included are pneumatic solenoid-actuated vacuum zones, carousel tool changer, helical rack and pinion, planetary gear drive, centralized lubrication,two calibrators, fixed and mobile along with an east sheet roller.

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    Why Buy an Automatic Load and Auto Unload CNC Router?

    A large CNC router makes it possible to complete heavy duty work. By choosing an auto load and auto unload CNC router, you can make heavy duty jobs easier with materials being fed into the machine automatically. If you are looking for a custom CNC machine or automatic load CNC router, our team of experts can help. Connect with CanCam today and find a custom CNC router that is right for your business.

    What Features Are Available in C3 Series CNC Routers?

    At CanCam, our C3 Series routers are customizable to suit your unique needs. Choose a CNC router machine that suits your needs perfectly with the following standard and available options.

    • Solenoid actuated vacuum zones
    • Centralized lubrication system
    • Helical rack and pinion drive
    • Up to 15” gantry clearance
    • Custom sizes available up to 8’x40’
    • T-slot and vacuum table for doubly immobilizing production material
    • 9KW/12HP HSD spindle or larger if needed.
    • Masso Controller
    • Rugged design requiring very little maintenance
    • Automatic load table with a hydraulic lift is available for the C3 series CNC router
    • Automatic unload table is available for the C3 series CNC router
    • A 5+4 boring block is available for the C3 series CNC router
    Do You Offer Financing for CNC Router Machines?

    Get the Large CNC machine that you need without worry with CanCam. We make it easy to get the machine you need with convenient financing and leasing solutions. Connect with a member of our team today to learn more about which financing solution may be best suited to your operational needs.

    CNC routers come with unlimited phone and email support along with a 1 year parts warranty.