2.5″ / 2″ x 25′ Cam & Groove Vacuum Hose

Translucent vacuum hose wire-reinforcement for long lasting durability. Smooth inner lining maximizes airflow performance. Features a locking, 2.5″ cam and groove coupling on one end and a 2″ molded, static dissipative cuff on the other. Static bonded from end-to-end to safely convey static charge build-up to the electrical ground. Designed for use with the CC500 Concrete Dust Extractor and Onboard Pre-Separator

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Fast & Secure Industrial Hose Connections

Lightweight and crush resistant, this hose is designed with contractors in mind and is built to last through the toughest applications. This hose features an aluminum cam and groove coupling on one end for connecting to the dust extractor. Cam and groove fittings quickly and easily lock the hose in place, prevent accidental disconnects when moving the system. The coupling also includes two optional cotter pins for even more secure connections. The other end of the hose is a molded SD plastic cuff bonded directly to the hose. The entire assembly provides a safe, conductive pathway from the tool to the electrically grounded CC500 Dust Extractor.

How do Cam & Groove Couplings Work?

The female end has two levers on each side of the coupling. When the levers are rotated to the locked position, the internal cam aligns to the groove on the male end of the coupling. This, along with the gasket inside the female socket, creates an airtight seal. The arms geometrically lock into position, preventing accidental decoupling, and lever pins can be used for additional security.

  • No chance for accidental decoupling.
  • No specific rotational alignment needed.
  • No opportunity for cross-threading.
  • No possibility for over / under tightening.


Hose Length 25ʹ
Connection Type Female
Primary Build Materials Urethane Rubber
Thickness 0.040"
Reinforcement Metal Wire Helix
Static Resistance Rating Static Bonded
Color Clear
Inner Diameter 2" (Molded Cuff)
Outer Diameter 2.25" (Molded Cuff)
Country of Manufacture United States