Do you offer customization?
Yes, whether it’s multiple heads, various servos, stepper motors, size, table options, spindle options, ball screws, or helical rack & pinion. Contact us today about customizing your machine to fit your needs.
Do your CNC routers and CNC lasers come CSA certified?
CanCam routers come with a ETL certification to meet CSA standards and all components are CSA, UL or cUL listed.
What do your CNC routers come with?
Our CNC router include the following... B1 Series and Desktop models: ER20 12 piece collet set, Ts for T-slot table, 4" dust hose,Dust boot with 2″ outlet and 4″ conversion, 4* T’s for T-slots, 6 meter electrical cord, oil and way lube and a manual. B2 Series: ER 32 16 piece Collet set, 8 Klien Tool holders, ER collet spanner, 4″ Dust hose with arm, T’s for T-slots, oil and way lube and a manual.
What kind of spindles come with your CNC routers?
Our B2 series CNC routers are outfitted with either HSD , HSK or Hitco spindles. All spindles are Italian made and top quality performers in the industry. Our B1 and desktop series are outfitted with generic but fair quality non branded spindles.
What kind of vacuum pump option do you offer?
Our standard offer is a Becker rotary vane 8HP (95CFM). The other vacuum pump brands we offer are Becker, Busch Airtech and FPZ. There are many models and sizes ranging from 3HP for our small machines to 20HP for larger setups. The smaller blower style pumps are available in single phase for small office and residential use.
What kind of control options do your CNC routers offer?
We have a few options from beginner to advance. Our most common controller is the NK105G3 DSP hand held controller for our manual machines, mach 3 upon request and OSAI OPEN for our higher end auto tool configurations. For CNC lasers we use Ruida and Leetro for most.
What kind of ball screws and linear guide rails do your CNC routers and CNC lasers come with?
Our CNC routers come standard with TBI ball screws and Hiwin linear guideways for B1 series CNC routers and CNC lasers. For B2 series and higher we use THK linear guide rails. Should you require customization, we offer the following brands: PMI-AMT, NSK, and THK. Note: there is additional lead time for non-standard ball screws, as we do not keep stock.
What are the power options for your CNC routers?
You have the option of 220v single phase or 208v 3 phase. 220v single phase only applies to CNC routers with spindles that are 6HP or less and vacuum pumps that are 3HP or less.
Are your CNC machines compatible with other software?
Our machines are compatible with all design software, some examples Rhino, Vectric, ArtCam, Enroute, KCD,AlphaCam, MasterCam, etc. Basically, anything that runs on standard G code should be compatible.
Do you offer training for your CNC routers?
Yes, we offer training and configuration but encourage for our clients to refer to The Learning Centre or manual for technical coding.
Do you offer to arrange the delivery and installation?
Yes, we have very competitive delivery rates, and will set up your machines upon delivery if necessary.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, a one year warranty on parts which is the industry standard.