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  • Metal CNC Machines: Vertical Machining Center, CNC Plasma Cutter, Fiber laser cutters

    When it comes to precision manufacturing, the tools you choose are crucial. Three leading contenders dominate the landscape: Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs), CNC Plasma Cutters, and Fiber Laser Cutters. Each has its own set of benefits, similarities, and performance metrics. Let's dive into a comparative analysis.


    • Versatility: VMCs can handle multiple machining tasks, from drilling to milling.
    • High Precision: Ideal for intricate tasks, VMCs offer high accuracy.

    • Cost-Effective: Often more affordable to purchase and operate, with average costs around $15/hour.
    • Broad Material Scope: Can cut a variety of metals, especially thicker ones.

    • Exceptional Accuracy: Known for their precision, making them perfect for intricate designs.
    • Low Maintenance: These are solid-state machines that generally run maintenance-free.
    • Can be extremely fast depending on the power source size.


    • All three machines leverage computer-controlled mechanisms for enhanced accuracy.
    • Designed primarily for metalwork, though their capacity for materials may vary.
    • Emphasis on speed and efficiency to boost production rates.


    • Known for consistent performance across various machining tasks.
    • Suitable for both large-scale production and bespoke projects.

    • Faster cutting speeds on thicker metals.
    • However, may lack the ultra-fine precision of laser cutters for intricate designs.
    • Mainly used for sheet metal or cutting tubes

    • Fiber lasers are slightly faster than CO2 versions across most thicknesses
    • Ensures clean and smooth cuts, especially on thinner metals.
    • Mainly used for sheet metal or cutting tubes

    In conclusion, the choice between VMCs, CNC Plasma Cutters, and Fiber Laser Cutters will depend on the specific needs of a project or desired end result. While all three offer precision and efficiency, their benefits and performance metrics can help manufacturers decide the best fit for their operations


    Vertical machining center or VMC

    In the world of modern manufacturing, precision and efficiency reign supreme. Enter the Vertical Machining Center (VMC), a powerhouse tool that brings unparalleled accuracy to a wide range of industries.

    What is a Vertical Machining Center?

    A VMC is a type of CNC machining tool where the cutting tool operates in a vertical axis. This vertical alignment allows for faster and more precise machining, making it an ideal choice for intricate projects and detailed components.
    CanCam offers a single phase vertical milling machine along with 3 phase.

    • Controller options:Fanuc 0i MF Plus (3 phase) or GSK GSK218MC-V (Single phase)
    • Spindle options: 5.5 Kw / 7.4 HP (3 phase) or 3.7Kw / 4.96 HP (Single phase)
    • BT30 tool holder
    • Rapids up to 1890 IPM
    • Maching bed size 600mm x 400mm

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    CNC Plasma Cutter or CNC plasma table

    Modern manufacturing and fabrication processes have been transformed with the introduction of CNC Plasma Cutters. Offering precision, efficiency, and versatility, these machines have revolutionized how industries approach metal cutting tasks.

    What is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

    A CNC Plasma Cutter, often referred to as a CNC plasma table, is an advanced tool that uses a high-velocity stream of ionized gas, or plasma, to cut through metals. Controlled by computerized systems, it ensures intricate and accurate cuts based on digitally rendered designs.

    • Masso controller
    • Torch height control
    • Table sizes include 4×4’, 4×8’, 5×10’ and custom