Onboard Cyclonic Pre-Separator CC500 Attachment


Attaches to the CC500’s telescoping cart, doubling its waste capacity and boosting overall separation performance. Removes 95% of dust and debris from the airstream before it reaches the CC500, containing it in the dust bag and preventing it from clogging the filter. Ideal for large commercial applications with heavy work loads. Includes 2″ x 5 ft industrial hose and mounting bracket with hardware. Longopac bags sold separately.

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Portable Yes
Main Size (A) 2-1/2"
Waste Capacity 5 Gallons, Customizable
Primary Build Materials Cold Rolled Steel
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Improve Your CC500 Dust Extractor’s Separation Performance

The Onboard Cyclonic Pre-Separator removes over 95% of dust and debris from the airstream, containing it in the dust bag and preventing it from clogging the dust extractor’s filter. The Onboard Cyclonic Pre-Separator is intended for use with the CC500 Dust Extractor and is compatible with the Longopac Mini bagging system.

With the separator installed, the CC500 dust extractor can operate far longer without needing to empty the dust bags or pulse the filter. Experience significant labor cost and maintenance savings with this additional stage of separation.

  • 2.5″ cam and groove fittings provide secure hose connections that are quick and easy to remove.
  • Compatible with the Capacitive Dust Sentry Fill Level Indicator to notify you as soon as the hopper is full.
  • Innovative bagging system eliminates dust exposure when changing Longopac Mini bags.
  • Heavy-gauge, seam welded steel construction provides long lasting durability through the toughest jobs.
  • Cart extension tray prevents dust bags from dragging on the ground.
  • Ease of assembly allows installation within minutes. Attaches directly to the CC500’s telescoping cart.


Waste Capacity 5 Gallons, Customizable
Portable Yes
Inlet Size 3" with 2.5" coupling
Outlet Size 2.5"
Primary Build Materials Cold Rolled Steel
Thickness 20 Gauge
Welding Seam Welded
Static Resistance Rating Conductive (Metal)
Color Yellow
Width 14"
Depth 14"
Height 30"
Actual Weight 24 lbs
Contents Cyclonic Pre-Separator, Mounting Bracket, Cart Extension Tray, Male-to-Female Cam & Groove Connection Hose, Longopac Cassette Holder, Elastic Bag Retaining Cord
Country of Manufacture United States
Applicable Patents US Pat. #D914308