7.5HP Direct Drive Cyclone Dust Collector


Industrial dust collection system for large commercial shops – suitable for collecting from multiple 4″-6″ dust ports simultaneously. Includes modular stacking filter system with efficiency gauge to alert the operator for cleaning. Full-welded, steel cyclone separator captures and removes fine dust and bulk debris from the airstream to provide continuously high suction power and reduce filter maintenance downtime. Custom choice of voltage (230V, 460V) and waste disposal configuration (55 gal., 110 gal., Air Lock, etc.).

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Power Configuration 230V, 460V
System Configuration Freestanding Leg Kit with 55-Gallon Steel Drum, Freestanding Leg Kit with Air Lock Valve and Clean-out Cone, Freestanding Leg Kit with Dual 55-Gallon Steel Drums
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Realize the Power of American Manufacturing

Our 7.5HP Direct Drive system is the workhorse of our industrial line of cyclonic dust collection systems – delivering maximum airflow performance within a compact, quiet, and cost-effective package. Built to last a lifetime using industrial, heavy-gauge steel components, our 7.5HP is ideal for commercial shops with fixed ductwork and multiple tools in use simultaneously.

This system can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the needs of your shop. See the system options section below for further details.

Included Features & Components

  • Industrial 7.5HP U.S. Made Motor
  • Backward Inclined, Non-Sparking, Cast-Aluminum Impeller
  • High-Efficiency 230V (or 460V) 3-Phase Power
  • Magnetic Starter with Overload Protector
  • Heavy-Gauge Solid Welded Steel Cyclone Separator with Clean-Out Access Door
  • Modular Stacking Spunbond Cartridge Filters
  • Real-time Filter Efficiency Pressure Gauge
  • Drop-In Acoustic Foam Filter Silencers
  • Industrial Angle Iron Frame Stand
  • Choice of 55-Gallon, 110-Gallon, Custom Sized Waste Bin
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Configurable Waste Containment Systems

Whether your system is connected to just a few saws, drum sanders, or industrial CNC equipment, Oneida Air Systems recognizes that the amount of waste produced by shops can vary significantly; We offer a wide variety of waste handling accessories to suit the needs of any work environment. All options are mounted to a highly durable, angle iron stand with a rust-preventative, powder coat finish.

  • Air Lock Model: Ideal for shops with large amounts of waste production and provides the most cost effective and convenient disposal option. The dust collector can operate continuously while dust and debris is automatically fed to the container below, eliminating downtime for emptying. The customer must supply their own waste container for the system.
  • Dual Drum Model: Ideal for any shops with varying quantities of waste production. Waste is deposited evenly between both 55 gal. drums, doubling the time needed between emptying. The system must be powered down to empty either drum.
  • Single Drum Model: Ideal for smaller commercial shops with a strict height restriction or limited waste production. Expect to empty the single 55 gal. drum much more frequently if used with a large planer, drum sander, or CNC machine.


Continuously High Airflow Performance

Your dust collector should perform at peak efficiency at all times to ensure the health, safety, and quality of your work. That’s why Oneida Air Systems uses only the highest quality motors with our dust collection systems. Far superior to the cheap, foreign imported motors used by other manufacturers, our industrial-grade motors are built to last a lifetime.

  • High-efficiency fan blower motor – Made in USA.
  • Industrial-grade brushless motor designed for continuous duty.
  • Uses 3-phase power for commercial applications (230V and 460V available).
  • Includes grease fittings for easy maintenance.
  • Low pitch noise level provides ideal operator comfort
  • Heavy-gauge steel fan housing, full seam welded, built to last a lifetime.

Ultra-High Efficiency Steel Cyclone Separator

Features Oneida Air Systems’ unique long-tapered cyclone design that provides maximum pre-separation efficiency compared to the squatter cyclone designs of competitors.

  • Removes up to 99% of fine dust and bulk debris from the airstream, before it reaches the filter.
  • Virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss to provide continuous suction performance.
  • Significantly extends the lifespan of the filter and reduces downtime needed for maintenance.
  • Rectangular, neutral-vane inlet with 10″ dia. square-to-round adapter.
  • System’s inlet and outlet rotate independently at 45 degree increments to suit your shop’s needs.
  • Industrial 16 gauge steel construction with full welded, airtight seams.
  • Highly durable, rust preventative, almond-white powder coat finish.

High Quality & Serviceable Filtration

Our industrial Direct Drive systems use spunbond polyester cartridge filters that are specifically designed for dust collection applications – providing unbeatable airflow and filtration performance – and are proudly made in the USA!

  • We full stands by the quality and performance of our filters; each filter is sent to an accredited independent testing lab. Contact us for more information and documentation.
  • Wide-spaced pleating and non-stick PTFE membrane coating facilitates quick and easy maintenance.
  • Patented filter stacking system provides the same filtration area as a single, larger filter, but without the cumbersome weight and installation.
  • Patented internal acoustic foam silencers reduces noise caused by air vibrations by 1–2 dBa
  • Includes Filter Efficiency Performance Gauge that takes the guesswork out of filter maintenance.


Horsepower 7.5HP
Motor Type U.S. TEFC Motor
Motor Service Factor 1.15
Voltage 208-230V, 460V
Recommended Breaker Size Call for Info
Amperage (Typical) 19-17.2A 8.6A @ 460V
Phase (Pre-Wired) 3-Phase
Frequency 60Hz
Power Connector Bare Wiring Three Hot Wires & Ground
Impeller Type Single-piece, backward inclined, non-sparking/non-ferrous, cast aluminum alloy.
Impeller Size 16-1/2" Dia.
Real CFM Rating 2,514 Actual CFM at 1.5" S.P.
Free Fan CFM Rating 4,080 CFM
Maximum Suction 14" WC
Max. Open Blast Gates 4 Gates
Noise Level 83 dBA @ 10 ft
Filter Type Izumi Axtar Spunbond Media
Filtration Efficiency 99.9% @ 0.2-2.0 microns
MERV Rating MERV 13 ±
Total Filtration Area 310 sq ft
Waste Capacity Customizable
Remote Control Part # For 208-230V: Item #AK N/A for 460VR220003
Primary Build Materials Cold Rolled Steel
Welding Seam Welded
Static Resistance Rating Conductive (Metal)
Color White
Inlet Size Round: 10" Dia.
Square ID: 6-7/8"(W) x 13-13/16"(H)
Square OD: 9-1/4"(W) x 16-3/8"(H)
Outlet Size Round: 12" Dia.
Square ID: 10"(W) x 7-1/2"(H)
Discharge Size 10" Dia.
Width 80.3"
Depth 39.2"
Height Position 1: 151-13/16"
Position 2: 137-13/16"
Position 3: 127-13/16"
Contents Blower Motor Assembly, Magnetic Starter, Fan Housing, Cyclone Separator, Square-to-Round Inlet Adapter, Filter Plenum, 4x Modular Cartridge Filters, Filter Efficiency Gauge, Angle Iron Stand, Hardware. Choice of Drum, Dual Drum, or Air Lock Valve.
Country of Manufacture United States
Warranty Information 2 Year Limited Warranty
Certifications Complete system is cETLus certified for indoor use
Applicable Patents U.S. Patents #7247180, #9370740