Supercell Stationary Turbo High-Pressure Dust Collector


Usually ships in 2-4 weeks
System Configuration Wall Mounting Bracket with 14-Gallon Molded Drum, Wall Mounting Bracket with 30-Gallon Steel Drum, Wall Mounting Bracket with 55-Gallon Steel Drum


The world’s first universal dust collector generates 10x higher suction than standard collectors, allowing it to effectively capture dust and debris from any 1″ to 5″ dia. port through up to 100 feet of 4″ hose and ductwork! HEPA-certified filter media equipped with internal pulse filter cleaner to reduce downtime for maintenance. Compact, configurable design includes wall mount support bracket, dust bin fill level indicator, automatic bag holder, choice of 14/30/55 gallon dust bin, and 25′ of vacuum-rated flex-hose.