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  • CNC Laser Engraving & Cutting Machines for Sale in Canada

    CanCam offers a wide range of easy-to-use CNC Laser machines, including CO2 and Fiber powered lasers, to meet your different CNC needs. Our Laser Engraving Machines and Portable Handheld Fiber marking Lasers are a top choice in Canada. CNC laser machines, CNC laser cutters & CNC laser engravers provide quick, low-cost, high-precision fabrication for a wide range of applications. CO2 CNC Lasers have been used as industrial laser cutters and engravers since the 1970s. CO2 CNC Laser machines are proven, reliable workhorses critical to modern manufacturing.

    CNC laser engravers and laser etcher machines provide low operating costs and unmatched performance. Recent innovations have simplified CNC laser operation, and expanded features, such as autofocusing, have made them even easier to keep at peak performance. When looking for the best desktop laser engraving machine Canada-wide, you’ll find the best quality, value, and support by choosing CanCam.

    Aeon Laser Canada is affiliated with CanCam CNC Machines Ltd. We believe that Aeon lasers are among the best machines we have worked with, and we can’t wait to show you why! Since 2012, CanCam has provided the latest products and superior support to our customers. We are your top choice when looking for a laser engraving machine Canada-wide.

    Elite Nova

    Elite Nova

    The Nova series is a premium laser cutter and engraver is a very cost effective solution for the busy shop or individuals looking to scale their business. Compatible with a wide range of CAM software, this CO2 laser engraver is easy to use and fits into smaller production areas. Another unique functionality built into the design is the ability to break down the laser into two parts (upper and lower) so that it is compact enough to fit through tight hallways and standard doorways. Typically used for high power cnc laser cutting and engraving over large surfaces. The Nova series is fast, accurate and allows for oversized material thanks to the front and rear passthrough hatch, with Nova 14/16 being able to accommodate 4’ wide sheets of material.

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    Mira Series

    Mira Series

    The all-in-one solution features sophisticated, CleanPack technology built-in water-cooling system, exhaust fan, air assist pump, and more! Perfect for entrepreneurs, whether you run a home business, lean start-up or DIY maker spaces. Designed for production…Flat or cylindrical surfaces, low power engraving or high power cutting

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    Fiber Cleaning Lasers

    Fiber Cleaning Lasers

    Revolutionize Your Cleaning Process with Our Advanced Fiber Cleaning Laser. Its environemantally friendly and eliminates the need for chemicals.

    Discover the power of precision with our state-of-the-art Fiber Cleaning Laser. Designed for versatility, our laser cleaning systems offer a non-contact, environmentally friendly solution for various industries. From intricate artifacts to robust industrial machinery, our lasers deliver unmatched cleaning efficiency.

    Our Fiber Cleaning Laser is not just a tool but a long-term investment in the quality and efficiency of your cleaning processes. Elevate your cleaning standards with our advanced laser technology – a cleaner, safer, and more efficient solution for modern industries.

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    Super Nova Lasers

    Super Nova Lasers

    The superior version of the Elite Nova with the same high power and features.
    Perfect for extremely intricate designs as this laser is capable of holding up to two laser tubes.
    But not just two regular tubes, rather one metal RF laser tube for your high detail designs and your traditional glass CO2 laser tube used mainly for cutting.

    • Z autofocus
    • Beam aligner for large distance beam alignment
    • Auto sensing rotary port
    • Material offcut collection drawer
    • Mobile with built in Castors
    • Built in blower, air assist and chiller
    • Red dot beam alignment
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    FML Series: Industrial Fiber Marking Lasers for Sale in Canada

    FML Series: Industrial Fiber Marking Lasers for Sale in Canada

    The FML Series, as stationary or mobile units, was designed for marking and engraving of metals (direct) and marking on the fly (continuous process on the assembly line).
    As a stationary unit the fiber marking laser is connected to the support gantry. The handheld (or mobile) function allows the laser to be placed on larger items that would not fit under the standard FML support gantry.
    The FML Series advantage… speed with power. Designed for durability, the machine is virtually maintenance-free and consumes little power.
    Purpose designed for production work and marking/engraving to create items such as barcodes, QR codes or serial numbers.

    supported marking and engraving modes:

    • Annealing – discolors the material and is superficial
    • Polish – polishes the material as it were and is superficial
    • Etch – burns into the material (also removes material) and is a durable permanent engraving

    Convenient features/upgrades:

    • Built in computer with touchscreen
    • Marking capabilities for many materials
    • Motorized Z axis
    • Rotary axis available
    • Power ranges from 20-100 Watts
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    Computer Numeric Controlled Laser Systems

    CNC Laser Cutters & Engravers provide quick, low-cost, high-precision fabrication for a wide range of applications. Connect with a member of our team and find the best value for a laser etcher or laser engraver Canada-wide. We are the experts you can depend on when looking for a laser engraver machine and are sure to have a laser engraver for sale that suits your needs perfectly.

    CNC lasers provide low operating costs and unmatched performance.

    Continued innovation in desktop laser engravers and CNC laser cutters provides expanding features, such as autofocusing and simplified operation. CanCam offers a wide range of CNC Laser machines, including CO2 laser engraving machines and Fiber solutions. When looking for the best laser engraving machine, you can count on the experts at CanCam.