The all-in-one solution features sophisticated, CleanPack technology built-in water-cooling system, exhaust fan, air assist pump, and more! Perfect for entrepreneurs, whether you run a home business, lean start-up or DIY maker spaces. Designed for production…Flat or cylindrical surfaces, low power engraving or high power cutting

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Mira 5

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Mira 7

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Mira 9

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Horizontal Processing Envelope 500*300mm 700*450mm 900*600mm
Vertical Processing Envelope 100mm 150mm 150mm
Machine Footprint without stand 900mm*710mm*430mm 1100mm*845mm*480mm 1300mm*1010mm*550mm
Standard laser Wattage 40W 40W 60W
Laser Power Options (watts) 30/40/60W 30/40/60W 30/40/75/90/100W
Fume Port Size 100mm 150 mm 150 mm