Furniture Making CNC Machines for Sale in Canada

Having a CNC for furniture making that offers speed, precision, and power is essential to the productivity and quality of your finished product. When looking to find your next CNC machine for furniture making, it is important to find a router that offers the functionality you need. You’ll find everything you need in a CNC router for furniture making when you choose CanCam for your CNC furniture-making needs. Our C2 CNC routers and C3 Heavy Duty CNC routers can be outfitted with aggregates to allow for drilling and cutting on angles with bits and saws. The heavy duty CNC routers can also be equipped with larger spindles such as 12 or 15HP HSD spindles.

At CanCam, we offer more than just high-quality furniture router machines. By choosing to source your industrial CNC router from us, you’ll gain access to initial startup training as well as unlimited phone and email support. Making furniture with a CNC router for wood is better when you choose a CNC router from CanCam. Connect with a member of our team today and discover which router is ideal for your workshop.

Furniture Making CNC Machine FAQs

Once you’ve found the CNC router machine for furniture making that is right for your workshop, get the router bits you need for your industry with CanCam. We are proud to carry a large selection of CNC router bits and Amana tools to help you with any application. See our online inventory of router bits or connect with a member of our team for support in finding the ideal router bit for your workshop.

When looking into a new CNC router for your workshop, price is always a consideration. CanCam offers a variety of professional CNC routers to suit any application and budget. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about our products and find a furniture CNC machine price point that is ideal for your needs.