About CanCam

Why CanCam?


Value CNC routers: built to work, priced to sell

CANCAM offers high value CNC routers that are built to work, and priced to sell. From industrial CNC routers for mass manufacturing to desktop CNC routers for your home or hobby shop, CANCAM gives you the tools to get the job done.

CNC lasers: versatile and precise

CANCAM offers CNC laser cutters and engravers that offer various working envelopes, and are easy to use. Fast, precise and fun to use you can cut acrylic, plastics, MDF, wood, aluminum and more.

Low cost, great value

Low prices help with quicker return on investment—simple as that. However, CANCAM offers low prices without compromising quality. So, we offer low prices, but GREAT value CNC routers.

Low maintenance machines

CANCAM's great value CNC routers and lasers are low-maintenance. Our machines require little more than regular lubrication for reliable and long-lasting performance.

High quality CNC

CANCAM's great value CNC routers are equipped with high quality components to provide reliable, accurate, and quick fabrication. CANCAM manufactures our great value CNC routers at our ISO9001 certified factory using only high quality components.

Despite our low prices, CANCAM's great value CNC routers feature the most trusted brands in the industry. From the sturdy stress-relieved frame, to the precise motion components, to the high-speed spindle, your CANCAM CNC router is a solid machine that’s built to work.

CANCAM machines come with CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified parts and components. CANCAM machines are CSA certified by Intertek (ETL) or UL, the underwriters laboratories. The CSA, itself receives accreditation from the Standards Council of Canada.


Custom CNC routers

Each CANCAM CNC Router is custom ordered to match your specific needs and application. Customization includes various table dimensions and surfaces, as well as component upgrades and accessories.

Free training

Plus, CANCAM offers free on-site training to help you get the most out of your CNC router. We will take the time to help you learn the CNC machine and how to implement it for your specific application.

Manufacturing Process