Why CanCam?

For quality conscious CNC Craftsmen, CanCam offers instant access to a comprehensive selection of high end Routers, Laser Cutters, and Engravers. Unlike traditional CNC suppliers, CanCam offers durable machines with extraordinary value at a reasonable price.

CanCam’s promise:
“Up in Class, Down in Price.”

CanCam CNC machines: versatile and precise

The versatility of CanCam CNC machines does not compromise on precision. 

Whether you’re looking for a laser engraver or cutter or a CNC router, you’ll find precision machines that offer impressive speeds. 

If you are a large enterprise, a small business, or a hobbyist, we have a machine for you… to cut or engrave any number of materials you may use in your manufacturing process.

Up in Class, Down in Price

Our low prices ensure your system is paid off in no time – regardless of the size of your business. Our Low Prices do not sacrifice quality. Whether you are purchasing a laser or router system, CanCam only offers the most trusted, quality brands in the CNC industry. This ensures the quality of your system designed with a sturdy stress-relieved frame, precise motion components, and high-speed spindle… all CanCam systems are solid machines built to work.

All CanCam machines are CSA (as accredited by the Standards Council of Canada) or UL certified.

Low Maintenance means More Production Time

CanCam’s series of lasers and routers were designed with minimal maintenance requirements. Prior to leaving CanCam’s production facility each machine undergoes rigorous testing and quality testing to ensure you’re up and running from day 1.

Our designs provide reliable and long-lasting performance. 

Parts replacement on our equipment is simple… each part was designed for ease of replacement ensuring you maximize your production time.

CanCam = High Quality CNC

Since 2012 CanCam has focused on designing and manufacturing high quality CNC routers and lasers using high quality components that ensure your production is quick, reliable and accurate, critical to your competitive advantage. That’s why CanCam is one of the High Quality CNC industry leaders.

‘Out of the Box’ Training

Ensuring you maximize the value of your CNC machine, CanCam has machine specific training to get you up and running as soon as possible.
Our highly skilled staff is there to help you get comfortable with using your machine.

CanCam offers:

  • Free Introductory Interactive Training to help you get the most out of your machine.

We’re there when you need us:

  • Unlimited support, through our online support desk or toll free support line.

Whatever your Application

CanCam offers a breadth and depth of CNC machines. Whether you are a large industrial manufacturing company or run a home based business, CanCam has a machine to meet your needs.

Variety & Versatility

Whether you’re engraving or cutting, Cancam CNC routers or lasers are up to the task… Whether you manufacture small items on a desktop or you machine larger items we have a CNC to meet your specs.

Task Specific CNC Routers for Woodworking

CanCam builds custom “Top of the Line” CNC routers to meet your custom needs…

  • Large CNC Router (up to 8 ft x 30 ft working envelope), for the production of large items
  • Auto-Tool Change CNC Routers (ATC) machines for large or small scale, intricate jobs.
  • CNC Routers for aluminum and non ferrous metals
  • CNC Routers for mold manufacturing with large gantries
  • Custom CNC routers for unique scenarios
Advanced Automation and Manufacturing

The MASSO controller is designed to simplify your manufacturing process.

We’ve sourced the best controller to simplify your manufacturing… whether you need hands free operation or require more rigor and control for your manufacturing.

Precision Engraving and Cutting

Detailed CNC engraving is easy with our high-precision CNC routers or lasers.