10″ Direct Drive Rotary Air Lock Valve


Motorized air valve maintains an airtight seal with your cyclonic dust collector while automatically feeding dust and debris into hoppers or transfer blowers beneath the system, resulting in significantly reduced labor costs for wood shops with bulk waste. Operates on 230V, single phase power.

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Phase (Pre-Wired) 1-Phase, 3-Phase
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Automated Bulk Waste Disposal Results in Significant Savings for Larger, Commercial Shops

Rotary Air Locks provide operators with the most economical, productive, and efficient way to handle bulk dust and debris, making them ideal for cabinetmakers, furniture manufacturers, and even small, personal shops with high volumes of waste material.

Our Air Locks use high-efficiency US-Made motors to control the flow of discharge material from the dust collector via a rubber padded wheel that rotates at a preset speed. The airtight seal with the collector is maintained at all times, ensuring peak airflow performance while waste is continuously deposited into open bins, industrial hoppers, or transfer blower systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Significantly reduces shop downtime and labor costs for emptying bins
  • Limits dust exposure within the work environment
  • Helical drive US-Made motor is compact, durable, and quiet
  • Valve constructed from fully seam-welded, cold rolled steel with powder coat finish
  • Long lifespan rubber paddle wipers can be easily replaced by the operator
  • 10″ dia. flange ideal for use with many of our professional and industrial systems, including the High Vacuum dust collector (with custom clean-out cone)
  • Can be used with any size waste container (call for info)
  • Operates at a slower rotational speed than competitive products for:
    • Reduced energy usage
    • Quieter operation
    • Far less wear and tear on motor and on Air Lock seals
    • All without impacting the flow of dust and debris through the system!
  • Designed for wood and other non-explosive dusts only. Not intended for severe duty.


Horsepower 0.25HP
Motor Type Helical Gear Head Motor
Voltage 208-230V
Amperage (Typical) 3.2A/1.6A
Phase (Pre-Wired) 1-Phase
Frequency 60Hz
Power Connector
Impeller Type Welded steel with industrial, replaceable rubber paddles.
Volume Per Minute 18.5ft³ / min at 100% loading
5.5ft³ / min at 30% loading
Note: normal operating capacity varies by material, but the target should be approximately 30% loading.
Waste Capacity Customizable
Remote Control Not Applicable
Primary Build Materials Cold Rolled Steel
Welding Seam Welded
Static Resistance Rating Conductive (Metal)
Color White
Inlet Size 10" ID Flange
Discharge Size 10" ID Flange
Contents Motor, Valve Housing, Motor Starter
Country of Manufacture United States
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited Warranty