51408-Z-5 5-Pack Solid Carbide CNC Spiral ‘O’ Flute, Aluminum Cutting 3/16 Dia x 1/2 x 1/4 Shank Up-Cut ZrN Coated Router Bit


To be used only on CNC machines and routers with automatic feeding.
Using the highest quality sub-micrograin carbide these bits have a special proprietary edge processing system featuring a super high polished cutting edge with a unique “mirror finish” resulting in clean cuts, less chance for chip re-welding, a superior surface finish and a longer tool life. Right hand helix right hand cut.
Specifically designed for a variety CNC machining applications excellent for cutting:

ALPOLIC® Copper Composite Material (CCM)
Aluminum 5052
Aluminum 6061
Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM)
Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)*

Fomex® with Aluminum Face
Non-Ferrous Metals
Solid Surface
Titanium Composite Material (TCM)

Ideal for industrial applications our spiral ‘O’ flute router bits are manufactured using innovative techniques and materials that yield superior results with each cut and help make aluminum projects less labor-intensive.
Benefits of Mirror-Finish:

Razor sharp cutting edge
Effortless chip removal
Helps prevent chip re-welding
Extends tool life
Exceptional cut quality
Dissipates heat well and prevents melting

*Aluminum composite panel (ACP) is a type of ACM flat panel that consists of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. ACPs are frequently used for building facades external cladding insulation and signage. **Durabond is a polyethylene core with 0.3mm colored aluminum sheet on either side pre-finished requiring no decoration.

Benefits of Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Coating

Creates a harder and tougher cutting edge allows for a prolonged cutting edge life and helps to prevent the build-up of material in the flutes while cutting
Have the tendency to run/spin much faster than an uncoated tool
Optimized flute geometry and low Total Indicated Runout (TIR) guarantees clean cuts, essentially eliminates sanding and reduces chatter (where the machine or work piece vibrates) under high chip loads (when used with low TIR spindles)
High flute volume supports high feed rates and chip loads
High aspect ratio for single pass deep-reach cutting

Warning: Never attempt to cut ferrous metals with these bits.
Inspect cut quality adjust feed / speed accordingly.
For optimal results and extended tool life use mist lubricant system or air cooling.
Maximum RPM: 35,000

Vectric and Fusion 360 compatible tool files for 51408-Z available for download, click here.

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Never attempt to cut ferrous metals with these bits.