CNC Machine Squaring Kit


Ensure precise alignment of X, Y, and Z axes on your CNC machines with our affordable Three-Face black granite Tri-Square. These precision tools offer an economical solution for verifying alignment enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your machining operations.

Our Precision Granite Square holds a squareness tolerance of +/-.0001″
The kit includes a Granite Tri square, Magnetic Arm and the 0.001″ dial indicator.


Granite Tri square:

The tri square is a precision tool designed for woodworking and metalworking applications. Its unique triangular shape allows for versatile angle measurements and precise markings, ensuring accurate cuts and joins in various projects.

Magnetic Arm:

The Magnetic Arm is a convenient tool utilized to hold the dial indicator in position.

Dial Indicator:

The 0.001″ Dial Indicator is an essential instrument for precise measurement in engineering, machining, and quality control processes. With its sensitive dial face and fine increments, it provides accurate readings of small linear displacements, aiding in the alignment, calibration, and verification of mechanical tolerance.