In-Tech Series Insert Straight Plunge 1/2 D x 30mm CH x 1/4 SHK x 2-5/8 Inch Long Single Flute Router Bit


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Diameter D 1/2
Cutting Height B 30mm
Shank D 1/4
Overall Length L 2-5/8
Type Straight Plunge
Replacement Insert Knives AMA-30 (29.5x9x1.5mm)
Flutes 1
Of Knives 1
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These popular insert router bit profiles provide all woodworkers access to the industrial-grade technology, at an affordable price. By replacing worn knives instead of sharpening standard carbide tipped bits, router bit dimensions, cutting quality and accuracy remain constant during the life of the tool.   Ideal for routing:

MDF Chipboard

Softwood Hardwood   Benefits of the in-Tech™ Series include:

Cutting accuracy remains constant during the life of the knife Priced comparably to brazed router bits with at least 4 times longer tool life Superior cutting quality No resharpening costs Harder grade tungsten carbide Replacement insert knives sold individually.