MD10-605 Carbide Tipped Thick Walled Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals 10 Inch Dia x 60T TCG -6 Deg 5/8 Bore Circular Saw Blade


Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blades for Thick Aluminum

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Designed specifically for cutting relatively thick walled (greater than 1/4″ thick) aluminum. The special carbide formulation and blade geometry make these blades ideal for cutting aluminum and non-ferrous bars such as copper, brass, bronze and lead. The negative hook angle, triple-chip grind and thick steel plates combine to produce a superior finished cut. Use a coolant or blade wax and clamp down the work piece when cutting non-ferrous metals. These blades can also be used to cut other “difficult” materials such as plastic, PVC tubing and fiberglass.