RCK-358 Solid Carbide V Groove Insert MDF Knife 41.5 x 12 x 1.5mm for Insert RC-1032


For Tool # RC-1032
Dimensions 41.5x12x1.5mm


These industrial V Groove insert router bits were especially designed for applications including

  • Miter Folds – “create the perfect joint”
  • Signmaking and Lettering

The innovative CNC tool design uses a high grade carbide insert knife which allows you to get two uses out of each insert. Once insert knife show signs of wear you can rotate the insert for a brand new cutting edge. Secure locking screw system ensures maximum safety and maintains cutting accuracy. CNC router requires quality hold downs to ensure the least possibility of material shifting during operation.

Designed to cut the following materials:
MDF Melamine Veneered Plywood Laminate Plywood Wood Solid Surface Xanitaå¨ Boards Foam Core & 20lbs High Density Urethane. Also can be used with Aluminum Bronze Copper & Carbon Fiber (Engraving Only)

When working with Xanita LightBoard panel (X-boardå¨ X-boardå¨ plus) we recommend using MDF knives for better results.

Advantages of Insert Tooling

  • Long lasting insert knives provide superior smooth quality cuts every time.
  • Quick and precise replacements of dull knives.
  • Due to insert accuracy tool life is extended.
  • Insert tooling allows for harder grades of carbide.
  • Special carbide grades for special applications.
  • Knives can be re-sharpened multiple times without affecting the original profile
  • Cost effective solution compared to replacing brazed router bits.


For Tool # RC-1032
Dimensions 41.5x12x1.5mm