What Can You Make with a Metal CNC Machine?

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If you are considering the addition of a CNC router in your workshop you might be curious about what it can make. CNC machines are invaluable tools that make manufacturing easier for countless products across a variety of industries. Though CNC machines are commonly used for woodworking they are also an essential tool for cutting, drilling, and contouring of metal. But what can you make with a metal CNC machine?

At CanCam, we are proud to be your source for commercial CNC machines in Canada. In this post, we explore what you can make with metal using a CNC router. Though the possibility of options is endless, you might be looking for inspiration when it comes to expanding the offerings of your workshop. Use this post as a starting point for discovering all the things your CNC router can do.

What Can I Make with a Metal CNC Machine?

A CNC router for metal makes it possible to create countless products. Whether you are a small workshop looking to sell directly to your customers or are looking to get into commercial manufacturing, the right CNC router makes working with metal easier. Metal products that are commonly made with a CNC router include the following.

  • Engine components, including pistons, crankshafts, and camshafts.
  • Transmission parts, including gear shits and clutch components
  • Aircraft components, including landing gear
  • Medical devices, including scalpels, forceps, clamps, and metal implants
  • Machine parts for industrial use
  • Tooling of custom jigs and fixtures
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Jewelry and consumer products

There are a seemingly limitless amount of products that can be manufactured with the use of a CNC router for metal. Consider reading our post, What is CNC Machining? What You Should Know about CNC Machines and the CNC Machining Industry for a deeper understanding of what CNC machining is and what you can make with a CNC router.

What Do I Need to Cut Metal with a CNC Machine?

When it comes to cutting, drilling, or contouring metal with a CNC router, you’ll need to be certain that you have the right CNC router bits for the job. Beyond having the right bits, you’ll also need a CNC router that is capable of working with your chosen materials. A CNC router for metal is what you should purchase if you intend to work with metal materials.

Can Anyone Learn How to Cut Metal with a CNC Machine?

If you are looking to learn more about cutting metal with a CNC router, our post, Can a CNC Machine Cut Metal, offers additional insight into the process. It is possible to learn how to work with metal materials, though you’ll want to ensure you have a solid understanding of how your machine works and what settings are needed before working with any materials.

For help with finding the right CNC router for your workshop, contact the experts at CanCam. We look forward to helping you discover a solution that improves the efficiency and accuracy of your workshop.