51864-Z CNC Solid Carbide Aluminum Cutting x 3/16 Dia x 3/4 x 3/16 Shank x 2 Inch Long x 3 Flute ZrN Coated Up-Cut End Mill


Produce super clean and extra smooth finish cut in Aluminum and non-Ferrous metals.
Excellent for cutting:

Aluminum 5052

Non-Ferrous Metals

The Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) coating creates a harder and tougher cutting ceramic over carbide edge allowing for a prolonged cutting edge life and helps to prevent the build-up/galling of material in the flutes while cutting.

Benefits of ZrN Coating:

Creates a harder and tougher cutting edge allows for a prolonged cutting edge life and helps to prevent the build-up of material in the flutes while cutting
High resistance to wear
Extended tool life
Less friction & heat buildup
High resistance to wear

To be used only on CNC machines and routers with automatic feeding. Solid carbide ‘O’ flute aluminum cutting ZrN coated router bits use the highest quality sub-micrograin carbide, have a special proprietary edge processing system and feature a super high polished cutting edge with a unique “mirror finish”, resulting in clean cuts, less chance for chip re-welding, a superior surface finish and a longer tool life.
WARNING! Never attempt to cut ferrous metals with these bits. Inspect cut quality and adjust feed / speed accordingly.

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