Industrial 4x Inverted Standing Filter Plenum Assembly


Rugged, seam-welded steel plenum features four sets of our patented, modular stacking filter kits to provide 620 sq ft of filtration area – suitable for 15HP-20HP dust collectors such as our Direct Drive systems. Filters are specially designed for low pressure drop using durable Izumi Axtar spunbond media; 3rd-party tested for filtration efficiency. Rated at 99.9% efficient at 0.3-2.0 microns* (with seasoned filter, more info). Features wide-spaced pleating that resists clogging and is quick and easy to clean. Kit includes filter efficiency gauge to monitor air pressure in realtime and alert operator when to clean the filters. Inverted configuration can be positioned farther away from the dust collector and features a single dust bin for emptying, reducing downtime for cleaning.

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Modular Filtration for Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Designed specifically for use with our 15HP and 20HP Direct Drive Dust Collectors, this industrial filter plenum kit features four sets of stacking filters in an inverted, standing configuration. Mounted on its own angle iron stand, the Inverted Filter Kit can be more easily installed away from the collector and features significantly reduced downtime for maintenance thanks to its single 55-gallon dust bin. Contact us for information on how to extend the filter’s location away from the collector (such as routing return air back into the shop).

All filters used within Oneida Air Systems’ products are specially designed for dust collection applications; Filter surface area, number of pleats, pleat spacing, and the filter media itself all play a crucial role in minimizing pressure drop and maximizing airflow through the filter. Lifespan of the filter may vary significantly depending on use but with proper care and regular cleanings our high-efficiency filters can last from 3-5 years before ever needing to be replaced.

Benefits and Features

  • Modular Design – Patented stacking filter design eliminates the need for full unit replacements in the event of excessive damage (e.g. punctures, water/mold, etc.). Subcomponents can be replaced piece by piece, shipping by parcel delivery instead of costly LTL freight.
  • High-Efficiency Filtration – When fully seasoned, the Izumi-Axtar spunbond filter media is rated as 99.9% efficient with particles ranging 0.3–2.0 microns* in size. Filtration performance independently verified by an accredited testing facility.
  • Simple Maintenance – Wide-spaced pleating resists clogging and facilitates quick dust release. Cleaning is performed via compressed air blown from outside and into the filter – all without requiring disassembly of the filter or plenum.
  • Reduced Downtime – Compared to, the inverted plenum only requires a single, high-volume dust bin to be emptied – making the cleaning process much faster and cleaner via the use of disposal dust bags (sold separately).
  • Rugged Construction – Heavy-gauge, seam-welded, steel plenum housing features a durable, rust-preventative powder-coat finish. Filters built from a durable, polyester pleating material with an external, reinforcing steel wire frame.
  • Realtime Monitoring – Includes our Filter Efficiency Gauge to monitor air pressure buildup within the filter and alert operators when the filters should be cleaned.


Horsepower Rating 15HP - 20HP
Filter Type Izumi Axtar Spunbond Media
Filtration Efficiency 99.9% at 0.3–2.0 microns* (with seasoned filter)
MERV Rating MERV 13 ±
Filter End Type Open/Open
Total Filtration Area 620 sq ft
Primary Build Materials Cold Rolled Steel, Polyester
Reinforcement External Wire Cage on Filters
Static Resistance Rating N/A
Color White
Inner Diameter 12.875" (Filters)
Outer Diameter 18" (Bin Hose Connection)
Width 65.375"
Depth 5.625"
Height 108.375"
Actual Weight 710 lbs
Contents Plenum Housing, Square-to-Round Adapter, 4 Stand Legs, 3x Cross Braces, 4x Stand Feet, Quick-Clamp Pipe, Elbow Duct, Adjustable Sleeve, 8x Cartridge Filters, Filter Plate, 4x Foam Silencers, Filter Stacking Clips, Dust Bin, Bin Connection Hose, Filter Efficiency Gauge, Foam Gasket, Hardware
Manufacturer Oneida Air Systems
Warranty Information N/A