5HP SMART High-Vacuum Collector – Airlock Package


Equipped with automatic variable speed motor. Includes industrial stand, rotary airlock, internal silencer, and more!

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5 HP


Introducing The New 5HP SMART High-Vacuum™ Airlock Package

Primarily designed for CNC applications, it uses patented Oneida SMART Technology to provide roughly twice the static pressure of standard collectors and pull maximum CFM from the cutter head. This increased suction performance means higher-quality cuts, increased cutter life and less clean up.

  • Include Components

    • Heavy Duty Stand
    • Patented Built-in Internal Silencer: 75-81 dBA at 10ft
    • Remote Starter
    • Industrial Rotary Airlock
    • More components listed in specs below
  • Optional Components

    • Ductwork Design Service
    • Hoppers / Multiple Drums
    • Filter Efficiency Gauge
    • HEPA Filter Media – Capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns (µm) in size

System Specifications

  • Max Actual CFM: 1,789 CFM at 5.4″ SP w/ Filter
  • Total Height On Stand: 130″
  • Total Footprint with External Cartridge: 40″ × 48″
  • Inlet: Full Welded 7″ Dia. Neutral Vane
  • Outlet: Can be rotated independent of inlet bolt patterns
  • Powder coated paint finish over heavy gauge steel
  • Fully Seam-Welded Construction
  • Molded Static Dissipative Fan Housing – Lightweight and durable for easy assembly!
  • Industrial-Grade Integral Fan Blower
      • 5HP US-Made Baldor Motor
      • TEFC Motor, 1.15 Service Factor
      • Insulation: Class F TEFC Motor with SMART Technology
      • Cast Aluminum Alloy 356T-51
      • Backward Inclined Design for high performance, low noise
      • Non-Sparking, Non-Ferrous as Required by NFPA Fire Code
      • Dynamic, Two-Plane Balanced to ISO 6.3 Specifications – the same as Aircraft Turbine Rotors.
      • Voltage: 3 Phase 208 – 230V
      • Amperage: 15A
  • Filter Media
      • Two 18″ × 39″ Spunbound Filters
      • Total Filter Area: 220 sq. ft.
      • Equipped with Flame Guard Arrestor Technology
      • Filter Media Captures 99.9% of Test Material from 0.2 – 2 microns (µm) at 11 FPM
      • Wide pleat spacing and Teflon-like interior coating for easy dust release
  • Noise Level (with built-in silencer): 75-81 dBA at 10ft


5HP SMART High-Vacuum Collector – Airlock Package – Instructions / Owner’s Manual
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