AMS-140 3-Pc. Carbide Tipped V Groove 90, 108 and 135 Degree Angles for Double Edge Folding Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels 1/4 Inch Shank Router Bit Set

$166.35 $124.76

3-Pc Set Double Edge Folding V-Groove Router Bits for Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)

These bits are widely used as cladding for many diverse applications such as office buildings, hospitals, convention centers, airports, hotels. Routing V-shaped grooves, whereby the aluminum cover and a part of the polyethylene core is removed, allows folding/creasing the remaining material by hand.

Designed for cutting and scoring aluminum sandwich materials including:

  • Aluminum, Clay, Zinc & Wood Composite Panels
  • Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM)
  • Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)*
  • ALPOLIC® Copper Composite Material (CCM)
  • Alucobond®
  • Alupanel®
  • Dibond®
  • Durabond**
  • e-panel™
  • Etalbond®
  • Phenolics
  • Plastic/Acrylic
  • Plexiglas®
  • Titanium Composite Material (TCM)
  • Wood


Tool No. AMS-140

Tools Included 45792, 45795, 45798
Recommended RPM 18,000 – 24,000

Speed and Feed Rate