Electro-Blu™ Carbide Tipped Prestige™ General Purpose 10 Inch Dia 40T ATB, 18 Deg, 30mm Bore, Non-Stick Coated


D Diameter 10 (250mm)
Teeth 40
D Bore 30mm
Tooth Grind ATB
Hook Angle 18°
Kerf B .134 (3.4mm)
Plate C .102 (2.6mm)


The Amana Tool® Prestige™ general-purpose blade cuts smoother and stays sharper, for longer, in solid wood, plywood, MDF and chipboard. It features a massive tool-steel plate (.102″ thick!) with expansion slots and copper plugs that practically eliminate vibration. The 40 teeth are ground with a steep 20° bevel angle, alternating left and right, for crisp, clean cuts both across grain and with the grain. The 18° hook angle yields an effortless feed. The precision-ground D-10 carbide teeth are individually computer-verified to have minimal runout.  

Massive (.102″ thick!) tool-steel plate with copper plugs that practically eliminates vibration. Precision-ground D-10 carbide teeth (20 ATB, hook) are individually computer verified for runout of less than 1/10,000″ on all axis. √ Ripping solid wood √ Crosscutting solid wood √ Ripping plywood √ Crosscutting plywood.

Prestige™ Rated “EXCELLENT” for Benefits of Electro-Blu™ Coating

Reduces resin accumulation and heat build-up Tips stay sharper longer resulting in extended blade life Applied by using an electrostatic bonding process