47768 Ultra-Glide High Performance Ball Bearing 3/4 Overall Dia x 1/4 Inner Dia x 3/4 Radius


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Diameter (D) 3/4
Radius (R) 3/4
Application 57192
D 1/4
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Using the same quality standards as our regular steel bearings, these Ultra-Glide™ bearing assemblies feature satin-smooth Delrin® sleeves. Delrin® is an industrial synthetic plastic material similar to nylon, and will leave no marks on the material being cut. Applications include solid-surface materials such as Gibraltar® Corian,® Surell® & Fountainhead®. etc.; Plexiglas® & other clear acrylics; and plastic laminates. Not recommended for regular wood applications due to a higher wear factor.


Diameter (D 3/4
Radius (R) 3/4
Application 57192
d 1/4