CO-400 1/4 Inch CNC High Precision Spring Collets for RDO-35 / SYOZ-25 / EOC25 Tool Holder


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Diameter (D) 35mm
Overall Length (L) 52mm
Collet Standard EOC25/SYOZ25
D 1/4
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Amana Tool Corp offers metric and inches High Precision CNC Spring Collets in ER and RDO Styles. All spring collets are inspected for quality & 100% accuracy. Standard 0.0004″ T.I.R.

The high precision spring collets allow to reduce the vibrations on the tools and motors, assure better results and prolong the life of the tools and electrospindles. Our high precision spring collets used on our high precision toolholders give you the very best tool performance.


Diameter (D) 35mm
Overall Length (L) 52mm
Collet Standard RDO-35 / SYOZ-25 / EOC25
d 1/4