Dust Collector Maintenance: How to Clean Dust Collector Cartridge Filters & Bag

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Dust Collector MaintenanceYour dust collection system is an essential component of your woodworking shop. Though dust collection systems are easy to use it is important that they are adequately maintained to ensure efficiency. Emptying and cleaning of dust collection bags and filters are important to the overall health of your workshop, thankfully, keeping your dust collection system running smoothly is usually quite simple.

At CanCam, we are your top choice when looking for industrial CNC routers for sale and are also pleased to provide you with high-quality dust collection systems. In this post, we outline what you should know about emptying and caring for your existing dust collection system.
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How to Empty Dust Collector Bags

The first step in cleaning any type of dust collector system is to empty the dust collection bags. Learning how to empty a dust collector bag is simple, though it is always important to refer to the directions set out by the manufacturer of your system. In most cases, you simply have to remove the dust collection bag and empty it into another container. Many experienced woodworkers recommend doing this task outside.

How to Clean Dust Collector Bags

Cleaning your dust collection bags is an important task though thankfully not one you will have to do regularly. You should aim to clean your dust collection bags about every six months or whenever necessary. To clean your dust collection bags, you should always refer to your user manual, as different types of machines have different cleaning directions. However, in most cases, you can clean your dust collector bags by completing the following steps.

  • Remove the collector bag from the machine.
  • Hand wash in cold water.
  • Use a mild detergent if suggested by your manufacturer.

Though you can learn how to clean dust collector filter bags on your own, you might wish to consider hiring an expert to conduct your dust collection system cleaning and maintenance as when done incorrectly, your dust collection system can be damaged.

How to Clean Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

Cleaning dust collector cartridge filters is possible for some types of dust collection systems. However, in most cases it is recommended to replace a filter rather than clean the filter. If you prefer to clean the filter it is likely best to turn to a company that offers this service rather than doing so on your own.

The filter is an essential component of your dust collection system, and to ensure it is functioning properly you’ll want to be certain that it is cleaned properly. For more support with using your dust collection system contact the experts at CanCam. We would be pleased to help ensure that your dust collection system is appropriate for your workshop.