What You Should Know About Grounding a Dust Collection System

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What You Should Know About Grounding a Dust Collection System

Do I need to ground my dust collection system? Yes, grounding your dust collection system is essential and something that should not be overlooked. Refer to the manufacturer of your dust collection system to ensure your system is grounded effectively.

If you utilize a dust collection system in your workshop, grounding the system is an important step in your processes that can’t be overlooked. Dust collection systems can be a source of static electricity and buildup of static electricity can increase the risk of fire, explosion, and even equipment damage if grounding is not completed. Thankfully, grounding your dust collection system is simplified when you install a grounding system with your dust collection unit.

At CanCam, we are your top choice when looking to purchase industrial CNC routers and dust collection systems for your workshop. We understand the unique needs of your workshop and are dedicated to helping you discover solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of your workshop. In this post, we outline what you should know about grounding your dust collection system to keep you and your workspace safe.

Do I Need to Ground My Dust Collection System?

If you have recently purchased a dust collection system you might wonder, do dust collection systems need to be grounded? Dust particles can accumulate static electricity and increase the risk of fire and explosion in a workplace. In many cases, grounding a dust collection system is not only a smart idea but a mandatory requirement to ensure a safe workspace. You will want to be certain that your dust collector is grounded and that any grounding equipment is working properly.

How to Ground a Dust Collection System

When looking into how to ground a dust collector, the easiest way is to install a grounding kit. Though many dust collection systems will not come with a built-in grounding system, these can be added and may even be sold by your dust collection system provider. When looking into how to ground a dust collector hose or system, it is important to refer to the manufacturers’ directions as this will be the best method to ensure grounding is done properly.

At CanCam, we understand that upgrading to an industrial CNC router and dust collection system can come with a learning curve. That is why we are committed to providing our customers with extensive customer support to ensure that their workshop is set up for success. We would be pleased to walk you through the process of finding the best equipment for your shop and cover important details of installation and usage, such as grounding.
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