Simple tips to maintaining your Laser Engraver

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There are some rather important tips to maintaining a laser engraver. It is not like a car where you tend to receive notice via a warning light when something is going wrong. Nor is it like a CNC router where it is considered low maintenance and you should be find letting it go. A laser engraver must be shut down and maintained after every full day of use. Here are a few helpful pointers for your laser engraver maintenance.

  1. READ THE MANUAL. That is a key thing, as much as it sounds silly or like a well duh answer. Many people do not properly read their manuals and thus do not understand exactly what is required for maintenance by the company that made your laser. Trust them, they know best.
  1. If you live in an area where the winters are cold and your machine is exposed to a bit of temperature drops, be sure to release the water out of the laser tube to prevent it from cracking. The last thing you want is to come out to work on a project and find a cracked laser tube, all because you failed to properly maintain your machine. 
  1. Whenever your laser is at work, whether it be on woods, acrylics, glass, anything. The Laser vaporizes some of the material. Now no matter how great your exhaust system is on your machine, residue hangs in the air and can end up on your optics. This is why you must be sure to take the time to clean your optics. It will depend on how many hours your using your machine, but it’s safe to check after a full day. When your optics are clean, it always for optimal productivity for your laser. 
  1. Much like with the optics, the residue from the vaporized materials needs to go somewhere. Often it will also find its way onto your “x” and “y” rails. This results in your motors to work harder and can cause malfunctions and resistance. It can also lead to your machine lagging a bit and prevent your laser from producing at its peak potential. 

In summary, be sure to keep your lens, optics, rails all clear. But also don’t forget about your exhaust system. Unsure it is properly cleaned out as well as once again it can be tied to a machine slowing down or needing higher speeds to get a simple job done. If you’re ever in doubt, just read that manual. Best of luck with your Laser engraver and if you have any more questions we can be reached at