1.5″ x 6.5′ Dust Extraction Hose Whip

This highly flexible vacuum hose fits onto the dust collection ports of common portable power tools such as routers, hand sanders, circular saws, and vacuum scrapers. It rotates freely as you move your tool and connects to larger 2.5″ vacuum hose to increase airflow performance without bogging the user down with heavy hoses. The length of the hose is reinforced with a crush-resistant plastic wire helix.

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Efficient and Convenient Dust Extraction for Hand-Held Tools

This reinforced, crush resistant hose whip is the perfect accessory for professionals in need of a hose that won’t get in the way. With its 360° rotating swivel cuff and its convenient 6.5′ length, this hose connects directly to your sander, router, or vacuum scraper with plenty of room to drape to the floor and connect to larger 2.5″ diameter shop vacuum hoses for maximum airflow.

With its smooth interior and highly flexible construction, you’re ensured the most durable and best performing dust collection for all your handheld tools.


Hose Length 6.5ʹ
Connection Type Male / Female
Primary Build Materials Polyethylene, PVC
Reinforcement Plastic Wire Helix
Color Black
Inner Diameter 1.5" (Small End)
2.25" (Large End)
Outer Diameter 1.75" (Small End)
2.5" (Large End)
Country of Manufacture United States