P 737 HSS, T-1 18 Percent Tungsten 450mm Long x 35mm Height x 3mm Wide x 45 Deg Cut Angle


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(a°) Angle 45º
Overall Length (L) 450mm
Thickness (3mm)
Width (35mm)
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New grade T-1 high-speed steel with 18% tungsten content. For comparison, this steel is much harder than M-2 HSS which typically has 12% tungsten. Crafted on state-of-the-art equipment, each knife is ground, honed and individually hand-hammered to exacting tolerances. Many standard sizes available individually or in sets. Packaging: Bulk in flat tubes.


(a°) Angle 45°
Overall Length (L) 450mm
Thickness (35mm)
Width (35mm)