RCK-192 Pair of CNC Insert Knives 7.5 x 12 x 1.5mm for Multi Profile RC-2452


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With various combinations of 3 different body styles and available custom made profile knives any type of cabinet form doors can be produced. These router bits are mostly recommended for producing cabinet doors made from natural wood or MDF.

3 body styles
In order to get the most efficient partial profile we use the following 3 body styles.
With the following grinding envelope it can be determined which part of the profile can be made by what tool. Tool diameter profile symmetry and the overlap should also be taken into consideration of how to divide the profile.

The desired profile by the customer is studied and then it’s divided to the partial profiles in the most efficient way. One pair of knives is made for each partial profile. In order to get the complete profile each pass of each tool will make a part of the profile. If the profile is more complicated it may take more tools and more passes in order to complete the profile. Each complete application can have several profiles which are assembled in line with the different body styles.At the end of the milling process the doors are ready to be coated with PVC Veneer or painted


# of knives 2